Can Someone Help me find this Bambi Cell Case??

  1. anyone?
  2. Please help me..I am in love with it!
  3. OMG..thank you so much! I have looked everywhere for it:smile: Thank you thank you!
  4. I have seen Bambi items in urban outffiters before. I am not sure if they have the phone case. If you don't want to buy online, may be you can call them to find out.

    The cell phone case is very cute. :smile:
  5. You're welcome! Hope you get it soon!
  6. I got it from Love's Endless Possibilities and she said she is shipping it Tuesday..yay! Thanks again!
  7. I know you already found it but carried these and still has similar types of cell cases now and then... same with urban outfitters.

    I think they were made by superplanning: SUPER PLANNING Co.,Ltd.