Can someone help me find a timeless clutch

  1. in black caviar?

    PM me if you have seen one around! Thanks!
  2. I've seen them at several Saks. Call them and they can track one down for you. Also Chanel in Orlando has them.
  3. yes, the timeless in caviar seems quite widely available at the moment, so you should be lucky. Really hope you get one, its a gorgeous size bag :smile:
  4. san francisco store has black and white on display.
  5. Yeah you should try Saks. I don't think the clutches are sold out yet. In reading the boards it appears the clutch will be permanent so you should not worry if you can't find one now.
  6. My husband just bought one for me from Chanel Chicago...i think they had plenty in stock
  7. Try Saks for this reason: I bought mine there for EGC in August...found out afterward that it had the older price tag of $895 still on it, which they honored! (small victories)
  8. NM Beverly Hills has at least one. Contact Janine 310 550 5900
  9. NM San Antonio has them
  10. I think you can find it at BG or any NM, Saks, or Chanel boutique.
  11. Nordstrom Topanga has some. I was there today!!!
  12. Sak's BH Rodeo just had one a few days ago.
  13. There's a red lambskin at Neiman's in Palo Alto (650) 329-3300--I'm hoping a fellow pf'er will snatch this up!
  14. I saw one at the Saks in San Antonio, too.
  15. They have a bunch at Bloomie's NYC 59 ST