can someone help me figure out what size would fit my needs?

  1. PROBLEM #1
    I'm trying to figure out if I need a city, part time, or work. I was given the suggestion of a courier as well, but I think that is simply too large for a small bag/clutch loving girl. The first fits my everyday needs with a slouch. However I want a bag that isn't huge and just fits my needs which is basically:

    *slim 14 inch laptop
    *wristlet to hold essentials

    thats it.

    honestly I can fit what I need in a flap wristlet thats also pretty slim and if need be I can dangle it from the bag.

    I've contacted different bbag lovers, and I've gotten all different types of responses, and many thanks to all those girls, but I still cannot decide!

    PROBLEM #2
    I also need a bag that just needs again to fit the essentials plus a folder or a thin notebook, I heard you could fit magazines into a day. Is this true? Does it still maintain a chic haphazard slouch?

  2. I would have said that you should get the city but not sure about it holding your laptop. I don't own the day so cannot advise you on what to do! It's so hard to decide! I definitely know the feeling!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!
  3. i say work.
  4. Sounds like you need the work bag. :yes:

    It should fit what you need in there.. only thing is it may not be comfortable holding the bag in the crook of your arm because of the short handle drop. But if your small shouldered, it should fit fine on your shoulder, plus over time, the handles will stretch a bit.

    EDIT: The day is pretty slouchy but laptops and folders might make it look weird and not so slouchy (corners poking the leather at the top) IMO...
  5. 0o0o0 a work size would be great for ya!!! 0oo0oo how dreamy!!!
  6. Another vote for work. I've carried my laptop in my Day, out of desperate necessity. It worked, but not too well... uncomfortably and unattractively. And I thought the handle may snap off, I was pretty paranoid. Laptop fits perfectly in a work (and as an added bonus, the weight helps stretch the handles!)
  7. WORK.
    i have 12" ibook and it fits to the full on my city, ur 14" wouldn't fit there, as for messenger bag as courier or day. i wouldn't suggest to carry on heavy things such as laptop.
    because i think the longer the strap is, the heavier the thing you carry would be on you.
  8. At first I was gonna say Weekender cuz they are just so awesome.:yes:
    But then I re-read your post and you want it to JUST fit your needs, so I geuss that means no extra room.
    Then I would have to agree with the Work consensus. It would probably be best to carry a laptop in.
    Good luck and post pics of whichever one you get!! ;)
  9. after a while, I just feel the City's the best bet. I only use the First in the evening...though I'm only 5'4, I just love bigger bags. min 15inches in length. so the City's my best choice
  10. Does the work have a shoulder strap though? I'd need it to be carried messenger style?
  11. ^^^ no, the Work doesn't come with a shoulder strap. The Courier is probably your best/only bet, then, if you want to carry it messenger style.
  12. do you know the dimensions of the courier?
  13. maybe i should go with a city then?
  14. aarti.... you should get one of each style :p
  15. aarti, is there a boutique near you so that you can try out some styles?