Can someone help me decide where to buy?

  1. There's this Chanel bag I want. I've only ever seen it at the Boston NM but it's not on sale and NM rarely ever do any promos.

    I heard from time to time you could get 15-20% off even on Chanel if you open up a new Bloomies CC? The Chanel counter at Bloomies doesn't have the bag and the SA didn't offer to do a seach for me. :sad: I don't know if Bloomies has the ability to transfer stock from other boutiques or only from within Bloomies?

    The Boston Chanel boutique said they could get me the bag from another boutique in Hawaii. If I buy from them I would qualify for a $200 GC to be used on my next purchase at the boutique only and to be honest I rarely shop there. I wonder if it would be worth it to eBay the GC?

    Or does anyone know when the next Saks EGC event is? A Saks EGC would be more useful to me then a Chanel boutique GC. :confused1:
  2. what bag?
  3. You could try calling other bloomie's directly to see if they carry the bag that you want.

    I haven't worked with Chanel boutiques as of yet, but I've been able to find the bags I've wanted at NM/Saks/Nordstrom anyway so it hasn't been an issue. I don't really like the Chanel boutique return policy either, especially since I've been so fickle with my bags.
  4. I'm not sure which line it's from but it's a distressed brown leather small tote.
  5. i have not heard of a chanel GC event... is there one?
  6. I don't think it's really an "event". Seems like the local boutique sent a card to select customers offering them a $200GC if they spend $1000 or more on full price merchandise before 10/7.
  7. You also can get 10% off if you open a Saks charge card. Ideally you can combine the 10% off from the new Saks card with the 10%-15% CG at an ECG event and get up 25% off, unfortuanately I do not know of any Saks ECG events coming up.