Can someone help me authenticate this Chanel GST

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  1. I bought a Chanel GST last month, while I was removing my things from
    My bag I saw that the sticker was gone!!! I have a vintage chanel bag but the sticker was still intact but this bags sticker was gone. Can someone please help me!!

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  2. Hello,
    Welcome to tPF. You might want to post this in the authenticate this Chanel thread. Read posts one and two for required format and pictures. Roku, the authenticator's signature also has detailed instructions (post 2188). She only authenticates up to 17 million series due to the proliferation of super fakes. She may be able to tell you if this is a super fake or real. If not, the only way to confirm authenticity is through a paid mail in service. Most services will not authenticate above 15 million series based on photos, so the bag would have to be mailed in. You'll need to provide a log in shot since the bag is in your possession. This is a picture of the bag in front of your device showing you are logged into tPF.

    Hope this helps!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.