Can Someone Help Identify these Chloe Bags

  1. Hi girls I need a little help, please. Can someone tell me what the color of this Edith satchel is? Are there more than one of these lighter shades? This one looks more gray to me than another picture I received which looks rather ivory. Is the bowler whiskey?

    Also, can someone tell me the name of the patent? There are 2 one a brown and another a burgundy. Do you know what they are called?
    chloeivoryedith.jpg chloepatent.jpg lgedithwskybwlr.jpg
  2. Edith color is mastic. There is one that is a white color. The mastic is more grey. The bowler is muscat. Whiskey is more the color of a basketball. The name of the patent is betty. What store has these?
  3. Thank you chinkyi23. They are at NMLC. I ordered the mastic one, but wanted pics first. She sent me pics of what they had too. There is also a red bowler and a chocolate bowler.

    I sort of thought I might like an ivory one better, but this is growing on me. Is there another lighter color (not white)?
  4. OH my... which NMLC is that? They seem to have a nice bunch of chloe's!!!
  5. Yes, please tell us which one, I'm looking for a Mastic.
  6. Get your purse and tell us which store :smile:)
  7. I don't know where the bags in the picture are located, but NMLC in Arundel Mills, MD is having an extra 20% off and it includes Chloe. Today is the last day. I haven't been (I trying to restrain myself), but if you want to call to see what they have, the number is 410-379-0159.
  8. Ok girls. :okay: Sorry I haven't posted this yet. I'm waiting for confirmation on my purse and didn't want someone else to buy it first. :graucho: This is the least friendly NMLC that I've dealt with (out of about 15+). The mastic is mine. The rest are up for grabs. It's the store in Colorado. Be warned they will not ship to you if you don't have a NM card. That's what's taking me so long. I haven't had a problem ordering with AE everywhere else, this may be a new policy??
  9. Forgot the number...

    Neiman Marcus Last Call in Colorado.

  10. Hey congratulations on your purse. It's an exciting time for you in a long foreseeable future of Chloe purchases, ;)))

    That patent, maroon Betty gave me pause.... But nah, I won't bite. Hummm let me rephrase that, Nah I CAN'T bite!!
  11. ^You better not bite! Calling in the sister POLICE! Save it for a newer bag....
  12. Thanks! It looks like I'm in good company. I just hope I can keep up with you girls!
  13. I'm a newbie here. Would someone help me identify this Chloe? Thank you so much.
  14. ii think its a see by chloe bag.

  15. Kind of reminds me of the See By Chloe Maya hobo - but this looks bigger and wider, it might be a larger model?