Can someone help ID this bag?

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  1. Unfortunately, I don't have pics. When the sales were on in Jan, I was reading the "deals and steals" threads every day and somewhere I saw bags that were made of patterned triangles of coloured silks - up to three different triangles per bag. The bags were trimmed in leather - some brown, some black. Very unusual. Definitely made in the US. Been back trawling through every thread but to no avail. Can you help? I'll be in the US in a few weeks time and would love to pick one up.
  2. C'mon someone! A guess would be fine. I remembered that the sides of these bags fold in so they start off looking like tote then you fold the two ends in (tuck them in really) and the bags end up looking more rectangular. I know I'm being as clear as mud but I'm still thinking about them after a month so help me out with my obsession! They were around $500 from memory.

    If none of this rings a bell, how about names of bag designers that use patterned silk in different combinations and patterns on the same bag - I'll take it from there. I suspect it's a small boutique designer.
  3. Not a single guess?:crybaby:
  4. sorry, I cant figure it out. But maybe someone else can help!
  5. No clue. The only patchwork-y bag that I can think of is Coach, but it's not patterned silk.