Can someone help explain this to me??

  1. What is the sense of having the same bag in like 10 colors. I don't get, not exploring other styles but getting the same shade/ color in say a venetia or blake. I'm different I'd like various colors and styles, but I don't see that alot lately.
  2. I tend to stick with a style I LOVE and that I know works for me. I do have lots of different styles/colors/brands of bags but there are usually one or two that I adore. The Blake is for me stylish, classic, practical can I pass up on all those vibrant colors?! :p
  3. i can understand why someone would want to buy the same bag especially if it's one that you're going to be using all the time. why not buy it in a multitude of colors to coordinate with your outfits and/or moods? i prefer to have a variety of different colors and styles. it all comes down to personal preference. one way is not better than the other. just different. :smile:

    once i am satiated with all my bag needs (don't know when that will be or if it's even possible!) i can see myself settling down, and "collecting" venetias and bbags in all their sumptuous colors.
  4. I do this with clothing, but not so much with handbags. I can definitely see the appeal of doing this with bags, especially if you are particular/partial to a style.
  5. That's like me (but with the multipocket). I'm very picky, so when I find something I like, I tend to stick with it and buy a variety of colors in the same style. I guess if the shoe (handbag/clothes/etc.) fits, buy it in every color.
  6. I can understand it but I prefer to have a variety of styles like structured and slouchy to go with different looks and moods. I almost did it on a bag I usually wear in the winter - I was looking at the same bag in a more summery shade.

    I used to do it more in the past because I would get frustrated searching high and low for the perfect item and wanted to get every color when I found it. I stopped doing it even though I hate searching because I got bored and wanted more variety.
  7. I can understand it to an extent. Some people like myself are super picky about purses so when we find one that we love, it's worth it to buy it in a few different colors. Personally, I would probably only buy 2-3 of the same purse in different colors...and I rarely do this but once in a blue moon, I find a purse that I deem worthy to be purchased in a few different colors.
  8. I do this with shoes if I find a great fit, or certain items of clothing (once bought every color of a silk knit pullovers I loved), but have yet to do it with a bag. Because I did it with the pullovers, I can see someone loving a bag enough to do it. :yes: If it's really, truly you . . . why not?
  9. I 'get it':yes:

    I haven't done that, but I do buy other things that I find are perfect for me in multiples. . . why not a bag?
    I do it w/ shoes, tops, jeans, etc. . . .
  10. i do this alot actually...with clothing, shoes AND worst..bags too~
  11. I get it, as I do it with shoes and clothes, but I would never do it with bags as I like to have different bags for different purposes. At LEAST the sizing is different fo rall my bags.
  12. ok, thanks for breaking it down, i just have one bag in 2 colors. and 2 in different sizes, but i think that was me being safe and i have no mjs in similar colors or styles. i am trying to be more adventurous and i really don't think you can compare clothing to bags, because most people can have 5 pairs of similar jeans, the jeans aren't really the object of fascination and adoration as the bag though. I think it it may be closer to shoes, but still isn't quite of that level. Either way, I wanted a little feedback with this cuz I see it happen to often and just don't think it's particularly my type of collecting bags, but I still want to understand the reasoning, if you will.