Can someone help authenticate these sellers for me?

  1. Hello, I'd say no on the first one. Just because it's "too good to be true".
    How can someone sell 1000K + handbags, "brand new w/ tags" for 1/3 of the price.

    The second one, I'm not sure. I'd be cautious as the seller has not been on eBay long enough and the feedback is minimal.

    I def. would look elsewhere!!
  2. XSO,
    I would stay away from both of those bags, the first one is definately a replica. High end bags do not ship with that type of plastic covering the handles, and the zippers should never be scratched as they are shipped with protective covers until they are sold. As I have witnessed in my purchases, and have read in many many threads and spotting fake columns. The Second one looks questionable as well, as the leather should not bunch like it does on the back around the handle brackets. Anytime you see something like that you should question it. Also the first seller only offers a return if you take it to a store to confirm authenticity, No store can do that for you unless you purchase it there, and most store sales people really have no idea to begin with as to what they are selling. The other one doesn't offer any refund, that's another red flag. So I would stay away if I were you ! Plus like gro said, if it sounds to good to be true, it is ! I hope this helps.

  3. the first one is defintitely in the category of things i would stay away from. the price is all wrong for a bag in good condition, and he has sold a lot of things in this category the same way. screams good fake to me.