Can someone give me thoughts on these 3 bags?


Sep 16, 2018
I like the envelope! I have this bag in medium and love it. The leather holds up so well - v durable, more so than lambskin obv. Also mine can be worn crossbody or shoulder. I think the same is with the small size - multi purpose. All beautiful tho, good luck [emoji173]️


Dec 27, 2005
Have you had a chance to try them on in person? I think this will make a difference in which one is perfect for you. Feel how heavy the bag feel, ease of opening and closing it, will you items be secure?
I personally hate chain straps whichis why I got rid of my Chanel bags in the past. So to me the leather on top versus all chain strap might be more comfortable.
The sizes depth of the bags look so different from the pictures so that is a consideration on if it will be big enough for your items.

Good luck they all are very pretty.