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  1. Hi, I would like to know what these #'s would be since there are numerous ones being sold on eBay recently..Does the last 4 numbers designate the color code and isn't the color code for black 1000? Aren't the suede linings always beige in the black bag and not lavender? HELP!
  2. I'll have to go look up the Sloane #, but you're right that 1000 is the code for Nero/black. My black shoulder bag has a beige suede lining and my Ebano bags have beige suede linings. I had a Poudre bag with a light rose suede lining. I assume but can't guarantee that a black Sloane would have a beige suede lining. Hopefully someone will comment.

    The Sloane style # is V7782.
  3. You ought to post individual links to the eBay auctions you are looking at in the "Authenticate This" section of the forum :yes:

    In any case, as far as I am aware the Sloane has never been released in Black :push:......but please wait for other BV ladies to chime in.....
  4. Someone recently posted that a BV boutique was carrying Sloane in black now but none of the eBay Sloanes I've seen are real so far. Lilac is the interior for seasonal colored Sloanes released in S/S 07 (poudre, limo, old petra) but you shouldn't find lilac or other seasonal-colored linings in classic-color Sloanes (for fall, I think only Scala had a non-beige lining...anyone?). Not all black bags have 1000 as color code (Ball for example) but they shouldn't be the same code as Moro or Limo as I've seen in some of the fakes. The counterfeiters are picking little details from authentic bags but they never get the whole thing right.... so far.... Definitely post links in Authenticate This BV!!
  5. Wow, thanks, blugenie! I'm always learning things here. Black ball bags don't have 1000 for the color code. Bv certainly makes it difficult to remember details. I just don't get to a BV store often enough to see the different styles IRL to know the different cominations of colors and linings available. The website never shows interiors of bags, though I wish they would.
  6. I'm just picking things up as I go along too Boxermom! I wish I had BV closer to me as well... I don't know why the Ball bag is an anomaly but I've noticed it's all Ball colors - not just black - that have different color codes for the classic colors.:shrugs:

    Come to think of it, if we ever do see a Sloane in black, since it's nappa umbria the code might be different than nappa blacks....just my guess!
  7. boxermom, that`s actually the material code for Nappa Umbria, the style code for the Sloane is 172918!
  8. Wow! The Sloane comes in Black now? This is great news! I've wanted a Sloane in Black since they first came out! :yes:
  9. Oops! I stand corrected, C_24. Thanks.
  10. ^You and your knowledge about BV are such treasures to our little subforum so I´m proud I could help!
  11. it does come in black I saw it at the BV store on 5th in NYC
  12. Aha, it was you who posted about seeing black! You're the first one to see one that I've heard. If so, keep in mind black/nero would be so new to the Sloane line-up that there's no way you're going to see an authentic one on eBay yet, especially less than retail. Fake black Sloanes have been around for several months now, and Moro too which is a very dark dark brown (almost black).
  13. yes blugenie, I have seen the black SLOANE bag in NYC at BV and also at the BV In the Natick Collection.. The leather has a sllight sheen to it, more than the large VENETA, and not matte at all like the IRON or FERRO..Just passing the info, and thanks, I still am staying away from fakes on ebay...still can't decide whether to keep my studded MAXI VENETA,, it has a look, and it is so lightweght!
  14. Hello, I'm a newbie to this forum and have been reading all of your wonderful comments and have learned so much from all of you. I just wanted to put in my two cents since I just purchased a Black Sloane from the San Francisco BV boutique this afternoon. It comes in Nappa Umbria and does indeed have more of a sheen to it. It was between this and the medium Nero Veneta and I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with the Sloane.
  15. MNS, Congratulation on your new purchase. Could you please post picture on your new bag? Thanks