Can someone give me some info on this bag???

  1. I just bought this bag and have no idea what its called. My SA from SAK emailed me the picture. Thought it's kinda cute and the price was too good for a CC bag. Can't resist it, so I said "just send it", and guess's on its way to me :yahoo:Accompany this bag is the BLACK ENVELOPE BAG..........Yay! baby come to mama!!! Both will be here this Friday......:yes: I'm too excited!!! After a long search for the black envelope. Thought I gave up on it already. I guess its my lucky day. Like people always said, "good thing comes to those who waits" ?:yes:

    If anyone know about this bag or owned it. Please give me some info about it. TIA. :heart:
    ( SA @ Saks is clueless about this bag. ) I didn't even bother asking him to give me more info cuz I know my tpfers are way better!:yes:
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  2. Anyone???
  3. This bag is from the Cruise 05 collection. I am afraid I don't have any more information on her.
  4. Congrats!!, this is a fairly new bag from 2007 is called Envelope Flap, and the other don't know which season is from.
  5. very interesting and unique looking
  6. It's white lambskin w/black patent coin section form 06. Not sure about the name, but I know Smooth have one :yes:
  7. [​IMG]



    Lovely purchases...congrats:love::flowers:
  8. Smooth................I need your help. BTW, thanks you all for trying to help me out with my new purchased. Althought I need abit more info than that ;)
  9. Here you go:

    A30779 Y03916
    Classic Bag w/Flap



  10. the small envelope bag is CUTE!!! What are the dimensions? Do the shoulder straps fit comfortably? Congrats!
  11. Thank you Smooth. Do you still have this bag?? If you do, could you please let me see the pic of the lining of the bag??? And what do you do with the coins pocket? is it really designed to put coins??? TIA. Am just too excited :smile: