Can someone give me advice about ebay and non recieved items????

  1. Hello!

    Ok here is my problem, I live in Canada and I ordered about 5 different things off ebay ( 2 pair of jeans, dog carrier,belt and bathing suit) for one pair of the jeans the seller sent me tracking and everything and when it was suppose to get here it said on the tracking site that it was "redirected to recievers new adress". I've never moved or anyhting and the post office wont tell me where it went and they never replied to her.this lady is really helpful

    2. other pair of jeans were delayed cause they said the "wife" was in the hospital but he sent it out and i should of gotten it. I kept messaging him for tracking number. and now finally he messaged me back like 5 messages later saying he spent 30$ for shipping and last time he check it said i recieved it. BUT I LIVE IN A CONDO SO THEY WOULD HAVE TO LEAVE A TAG SO I CAN GO PICK IT UP...whhich still hasn't happened.:rant: :mad: :censor:

    3. Dog carrier still not here...still no tag

    4. belt should be on its way from UK

    5.Bathing suit said it should of been here same incident as rest.

    SO i dont know wether its me cause I am not getting my items. I bsically wrote down me adress like this

    XXXX-Street name #XXXXX(suite number)
    City, COuntry
    Postal code

    is it correct?? how long should I want to file a non recieved item??!??!
    I just really want my items but its been over a month!!

    Has this happen to anyone?!?!?
  2. Hmmmm.....I have had things take 21 days to get to Canada. It all depends on how they shipped it.
    Item #1: If you have a tracking number for it I would continue to call post office. Only way to get tracking into Canada is to ship via express mail (which is really expensive). Once it's in Canada it is really out of the seller's hands...the US postal service won't do anything. Keep calling Canada Post.

    Item #2: Ask him for the tracking number yourself. If he doesn't provide it then go to ebay and filed an "item not received" dispute. Go to "myebay" and then go to the item you bought and one of the pull down links should be to report an "item not received". If you paid via paypal it will direct you to the paypal site.

    The rest of the items:
    Seller has 7 days to ship out the item. You only have 45 days to file an "item not received". So.....if you haven't received them I would initiate the process very is up to the seller to provide tracking information.
    If you paid via paypal you have way more protection to get your money back. If not...then you may be out of luck getting money back.
    I would do the following on all of the items you have not received:
    1) Email the sellers. Politely ask them for tracking info. and the method of shipment (i.e. economy, ground, air, etc.). Inform them that it has been 30 days and you have not received item and are getting worried.

    2) If they don't respond then file your dispute.

    3) If they do respond and seem on top of things, then I would wait it out another week...but DO NOT let it go past 45 days.

    Finally....sometimes people ship via economy and that can take 4-6 weeks to get from US to Canada.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Thank you twiggers!!
  4. No problem MissV!!!
  5. But if she has ordered from 5 different sellers and nothing has arrived I would think its a shipping delay or a problem with delivery. It would be very odd that all the shippers would be deadbeats.
  6. It seems like 4 out of 5 things are from the US. I purchased something from a fellow member back when the MP was still up and I'm in the US while she's in Canada. She paid a pretty penny for Expedited Global shipping. Got it in 3 weeks. I was supposed to get it in three days the latest.
  7. Boy that stinks! Maybe, if you plan on continuing to purchase off ebay and mail orders, you should think on getting a postal box. this way, the items go stright to your postal office and into your mail box there. If the box is to small to fit the purchase, they should leave a note in there. That's how it works in the US (my husband is a mail man).