Can someone from Sydney help me??

  1. I can't get onto damn Vogue forum even though i registered 3 months ago so i'm hoping someone here who is from Sydney can help me with a Hermes question..

    I am desperately looking to get a Kelly Double Tour bracelet and was wondering whether Sydney had any in stock and what colours/hardware???

    I am new to Hermes and have a scarf that was given to me as a present but really really want to buy my own very FIRST Hermes piece!

  2. Vogue still wont let me post, i followed Shari's advice, and kept posting relevant things, but my posts still wont show. its been about a month i think the Vogue staff are just lazy lol!

    On Topic, i was there last fri and they only had one fushia with g h/w. i think the are just under the $600 mark (dont quote me) they often get KDT's in so get friendly with the staff and get on the waiting list pronto lol.
  3. NM, I don't know what's going on with Vogue... I can't remember how long it took for my posts to show. Maybe try emailing them and asking what is going on.

    Jensta I am not sure if there are any in stock at the moment. Try calling up maybe?
  4. Vogue needs to authorise you guys! We need more H addicts on there because the thread is dead. LOL

    Anyway, the Kelly Double Tours are $505 and I'm assuming the fuschia with PHW is still there.
  5. no1diva - I've been waiting for like 3months! i gave up on writing posts coz it just doesn't get posted! You know i read the Hermes thread religiously and so many times I wanted to write something..sooo frustrating!!

    I have a sister-in-law and aunt-in-law who are H addicts so it's rubbed on me so much!

    I do'nt think fuschia would be for me.. i'm looking for a more neutral colour like black or some sort of tan..altho blue jean is gorgeous as well!

    Any ideas on when they get more in???
  6. Don't give up the fight!

    Apparently they're getting more deliveries in before Christmas. They had some black chamonix and barenia KDT's before but they were sold.

    Get the SA's to give you a call when one comes in!
  7. thanks for the info no1diva! I'm going to drop in on friday during my lunch break...

    if i can get a KDT and LV suhali le precieux on friday, it'll be PERFECT!

    oh and i'll keep trying on vogue... grrrr
  8. Please report back when you do and good luck!
  9. No1Diva - do you have a KDT? I want to buy one online from without trying it on coz they have the exact one I want! Just wondering how it fits on you and slim your wrists are? (if you don't mind me asking!)

  10. I have stopped bothering with Vogue - it's too frustrating to want to join in a thread and to take the time to write the post, and then it never appears. I don't get why it's such a drama...:confused1:

    Have fun at Hermes and post pics!
  11. Bitten - I agree. I do'nt understand why they need the silly approval process. This forum works fine without such limitations!

    If I can't find what I want in the Sydney store, I might order it online but just not sure how the KDT fits..
  12. I'm over Vogue as well -- sort of boring. I have over 1000 posts, though, so never experienced this strange problem of posts not appearing.
  13. Vogue is very *****y too. I have half as many posts there as I do here! :heart:
  14. I know what you mean! I've read some of the posts which turn into a slanging match! It's quite hilarious some of them....

    Back on topic.. if anyone with a KDT can give me some advice on the fit of the bracelet as i'm looking to buy online without trying it on??
  15. I have 2 - barenia with PHW and rouge garance chamonix with PHW (strangely I'm a GHW girl) and the measurements on both are 37cm. My wrists are 16cm if that helps. They are a tiny bit loose on me (which is perfect fit IMO) but it doesn't slide up and down. You need that bit of room anyway.