can someone find this??

  1. i really want a framboise cles but i know thats really hard to find. i checked on eBay but there wasnt any. Does anybody know where I can find one??
  2. I think you should keep checking daily on eBay, hopefully one will come up soon. good Luck
  3. Just give it time I am sure one will show up on eBay soon.

    You can sign up for alerts on ebay if one is listed.
  4. Check let-trade often as well - those kind of things pop up there frequently as well.
  5. I'm sure you are just asking people if they know any other websites that you could find this item in, because soliciting for a sale on tPF is against the rules.

    I'm going to leave this open for now just so long as you understand this.:smile:
  6. My intentions for posting this question were to find a website that may be selling this item, fyi.