Can someone fill me in??

  1. I was at the grocery store and glanced at the gossip rack. And now I feel left out in the loop (super busy with tests, grad apps, etc..)

    When did Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson become enemies??

    When did Jessica Simpson become fat (The title was on her ditching her fat for a new BF)

    I'm confused :shrugs:
  2. as far as what i've read (us weekly being my highly reliable source...heehee), cam and scarjo became "enemies" after lost in translation. scarjo was in the movie and anna faris (from "scary movie") played a character that was supposedly based on cam. the character was a not so smart blonde girl that coppola (the director) said *could* have been based on cam. scarjo was also in justin's music video recently which made cam mad.

    jessica, supposedly, has been gaining weight. more magazine (from the uk) said she'd been working out less and gaining weight because she was sad. i don't think she's faaaat now, just not as skinny as she was when she wore underwear as shorts for dukes of hazzard. oh, and apparently she's back w. john mayer.

    hope that helps :smile:
  3. In this weeks Star it's a little annoying in the article that says Jessica Simpson has become fat. It shows her at 105 lbs in Dec 04 and now at 132 lbs in Dec 06, I think 132 lb is pretty healthy not fat. She had got down to 105 for I think the Dukes of Hazzard. The press is so harsh.
  4. Yeah seriously..if Jess at 132 is "fat" then pretty much everyone is fat, according to them.