Can someone familiar with Spanish help me with this poem?

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  1. I am working on the poem "Romance X de la muerte del rey don Fernando..." for my Spanish class. (The poem can be found here:

    I understand the beginning of it. Basically King Fernando is aching and ready to die; his feet are already facing east and he holds a candle in his hand. By his side stand archbishops and his 4 children; three are of his queen and one is a bastard. (someone correct me if I'm wrong!)

    It's the part after that that I don't understand...

    What does this mean? My guess:

    His bastard son would be freed by his death (then there are those 3 positions; are those what his brothers do?). The king then says, "If I don't die, child, you cannot reach it"??? I don't understand this. :shame: can someone help me out?

    Thanks! :rolleyes:
  2. I believe it says - if I were not to die, son, you would be the Holy Father/priest ???, whats more, with the income that you have left you could reach it. (I think it means the Holy father/religious position).
    Hope this helps... my degree was in Spanish language but Im a bit rusty now.
  3. Even me being a native Spanish speaker always hated the "old" castellano... this is very old Spanish not used anymore in "real life", thanks God :biggrin: .

    Anyway, the sense of the para is that the bastard son is the one that gets the best part ("queda mejor librado"): he had a very important religious position (three different titles). Then the King says that if he wouldn't die, the son would be "Holy Father" but with the rent (money) that the son is receiving, the son can achieve this position anyway. This is a very ironic way of expressing the whole situation (= power of money)

    I haven't read the whole thing (otherwise, I'd be asleep by now!! ;) ) but if you need anything else, pm me and I'll be glad to help