Can someone explain using "Magic Eraser" for cleaning LV


Mar 2, 2006
Those work if you use them really gently. Try it in an inconspicuous place first though. For some of my random dark spots on my newer vachetta, I just use a clean white eraser (like the kind that's on the tip of a pencil, but in WHITE only because the pink will come off onto the leather).


Aug 31, 2006
I've used magic eraser. It worked really well! I just don't recommend doing it a lot or too often because I think I've gotten to the point where the vachetta dulled a bit. No scratches though and there's no damage.
Jul 3, 2006
I don't recommend Magic Eraser unless it's a really old bag you don't care about. I used it on an older Speedy 25 (before I bought my new one in February) and ended up having to get rid of that Speedy. While it did lighten dark handles, it was so abrasive that it damaged the leather terribly. No amount of conditioning ever really brought back the sheen and prettiness of the vachetta leather handles. I was SO SO sorry I did it. The bag really wasn't that bad - just a little darker on the top of the handles, but it had a really beautiful sheen before I started with the Magic Eraser. I would never use it on any of my bags now. Any kind of eraser, use carefully, but steer completely clear of the Magic Eraser.