Can someone explain the way they code the year made on each bag

  1. I know there is a letter on each bag that translates to the year a bag was made. Can someone explain how that goes?

    Thanks, and sorry, I know that this was posted once before. I just can't find it.
  2. to clarify, I meant how the blindstamps are decided.
  3. This year, 2006 is 'J' next year is 'K' and so on. Another small thing is that before A in a square in 1997, it was Z in a circle for 1996. So after which ever year it is that there would be a Z in a square, they probably will have 'A' in 3D tetrahedron blindstamp by then, :smile:
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    Each year is indicated by a letter of the alphabet: i.e. 2006 is J last year was I, the year before was H and so on. So if if you want to know what year an older bag was made in , you just go backwards with the alphabet. I have a bag that was made in 1997 and has the letter A, the year before that will be Z. Once you get to Z you start again from A.

    (Source: H information catalog...posted by the lovely Duna)
  5. Here's what I was told on another Hermes board. I haven't verified this myself, but it seems correct.

    A-J in a square (or is it rectangle) = 1997 - 2006, respectively

    A-Z in a circle = 1971 - 1996, respectively

    A-Z no goemetric symbol = 1945 - 1970, respectively

    (source: H information Catalog)
  6. Thanks for this info, I didn't know that they only started the blindstamp after 2nd World War.
  7. I have also heard that the geometric symbol helps with the dating. For instance a J in a rectangle stands for 2005 and you work backwards from there until you get to an A in a square, and then the previous year would be a Z in a circle and you work backwards from there, so you can go back pretty far.

    (source: H Information Catalog)

    Hope this helps...I am piecing them in here as I find them.
  8. Oooh, anyone wanna place a non-monetary bet on what is the next shape that they'll use?
  9. Kou, we'll have to wait until 2022 (or something like that!) so it's pretty far away!!;)
  10. That's really interesting information, thanks for sharing, ladies!

    Kou, how about an ostrich? That way by 2022 (or so), it would have grown into a useable hide :biggrin: