Can someone explain the purse charm thing to a newbie?

  1. I see all of these cute little charms in the Coach store and on all of your gorgeous purses. Can someone explain this to me? Where are they supposed to go on your purse? Do you just use them to individualize your purse? These aren't keychains, right? Aren't they just charms? Any rules I should know about in this area?

    Can you tell I'm SUCH a Coach newbie???
  2. They are decoration. If you see one you like clip it to your purse. Some gals put two on if they coordinate well. I guess the only rule is do what makes you feel happy. If you are carrying a small purse just try not to overwhelm the purse with three charms, a scarf, and a wristlet tied on.
    I don't use charms - but lots of gals do. They are very popular.
  3. You can totally use them as keychains! (and many of the charms are more affordable than Coach keychains...but you didn't hear me say that...:whistle: )

    No rules..just have fun with them!
  4. I have 4 but use only one at a time on my purse. I think they are cute. They would look cute on a key chain too.
  5. They brighten up "plain" purses (they don't have to be just COACH) and help better stylize beautiful bags. I LOVE the charms . . . oh and as dewey drop said, they're cheaper (and more functional/versatile and at times prettier) than keychains so you can't go wrong.
  6. they do help liven up a bag, i mostly use them on my LVs though.

    i like to add pony tail scarves to the bags as well.
  7. They are great for a bag or wristlet if you want to give it a little personality.
  8. Im a Coach charm/keychain lover. Here is a pic. of just one out of several I have put together. No rules they're just fun and cute imo;)
    Ebay Pics 031.jpg
  9. You can put a keychain on your bag if you like it! I do! I think some of the keychains are much cuter than the charms. You could even add a cell phone Charm to your bag. Here are some of mine.


    This one is now on one of my bags too as I have a different phone now that doesn't have a layard holder thing.
  10. It just adds a little something to your bag. Maybe shows a bit of your personality?
    Like adding a turtle if you like turtles, or a daisy or a skull, etc. There are no rules. Just whatever makes you happy and that you think looks good.
    Just try not to overcrowd/overwhelm your bag.
  11. They're just cute, fun stuff to have and accessorize your bags.
  12. Thanks for all of the great info. I think I definitely need to put some bling on my bags - especially the more casual ones!
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  14. I've been meaning to get a couple of charms to use as keychains. I like that most of the charms have the dogleash closure (the keychains don't, as a rule) and can be clipped to the little loop that Coach puts in all of their handbags...I usually carry a larger bag, and that will cut WAY down on having to hunt for my keys!

    - TwoSirius
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