Can someone explain The Hills to me please

  1. I have just started watching this in the UK and used to watch Laguna beach (a bit) I remember some Steven guy but not Jason, just wondering why are they both at Teen vogue with such good jobs, have they been to Uni? And why do Lauren and Heidi hate each other if they used to be best friends? Would just make watching it easier if I had some background!:smile:
  2. Oh gosh, where to begin.
    Jason lived in Laguna Beach and used to date Jessica. Jessica and Jason broke up, then he started seeing Lauren (I believe this was the second season of LB). Lauren was putting on a fashion show, and during the show, Jason kissed Jessica. Lauren and Jason broke up.

    Lauren met Heidi while attending fashion school in San Francisco. SF didn't work out for her, so she moved back down to Southern California and settled in Hollywood/Beverly Hills in an apartment with Heidi.

    Heidi started to date Spencer and Lauren ended up getting back together with Jason. The relationship with Jason and Lauren didn't work out so they broke up. Lauren started to date Spencer's friend Brody.

    Lauren and Spencer do not get along as Spencer is a total jerk. Spencer spreads rumors that Lauren and Jason had made a sex tape together. Heidi basically defends him and talks one of her friends into hooking up with Brody. Heidi and Lauren split ways.

    I hope that explains it...
  3. So Heidi wasn't in Laguna Beach? She wasn't from there? What happened to Kristin? Was there a sex tape? Why would he say that? Was Spencer from Laguna? So basically Heidi was the nasty one?
  4. Thanks btw!
  5. good recap lelgin!

    I'll try to answer some of your new questions.

    Heidi is not from Laguna Beach. Someone did mention they saw her on an Laguna beach episode-- at the fashion show.

    Kristin decided she was leaving reality t.v. behind and was gonna be a real "actress in Hollywood:rolleyes: . That's not exactly working out for her (what a shock!) so there are rumors that she will in future episodes of The Hills.

    I personally don't think there was a sex tape. I think Spenser started the rumors because everyone started hating him and Heidi ,and Lauren was seen as the sweetheart, nice girl, and he was mad about that and wanted to change peoples perceptions of her.

    A lot of people would say Heidi (or rather Spencer) was the nasty one. I had a problem how Heidi handled a situation involving Brody, Lauren, and one of Lauren's friends. Then you do have some that hate Lauren, and thinks she is a nosy, bitter person.

    Spencer,as far as I know, did not grow up in Laguna.

    Hope this helps. Anyone feel free to correct me if I got anything wrong!!
  6. Heidi wasn't in Laguna Beach, she met Lauren in San Francisco. I think she's oringally from Coloardo but I'm not sure. In one episode of The Hills she goes back home to visit her family so I know shes not from LA or Laguna. I don't think spencer is from Laguna, and he wasn't in Laguna beach neither was brody they met Lauren when she moved to LA.

    I don't think there was a sex tape, it was just a nasty rumour, but if there was it hasn't been released or anything.

    Kristin has given up reality tv. I think shes trying to become an actress now.
  7. I sure hope so, wonder what role she'll be forced to can't be Lauren's enemy because Heidi has that maybe the producers will force a love triangle between her, Brody, Lauren...oh there's sure to be drama, I can't wait...:sweatdrop:
  8. So Heidi is only in it because she met Lauren? What happened to the others from Laguna beach? Is Lauren the only one they followed in The Hills? I mean the only original from Laguna Beach? Why does Spencer hate Lauren? And why do they hate Jason? Was he nasty to Lauren?
  9. Yes, it's safe to assume that Heidi was only on there initially because she met Lauren. Yes it is essentially Lauren's show (she is really the only one from Laguna it follows). Sometimes Lo is on there just hanging out. And then there was Jason.
    And the rest who knows.:shrugs: They didn't get tier 15 minutes extended!

    Spencer is an A-hole. You'll see that from watching the show. Trust me. He says he hates Lauren because she had her nose in his relationship with Heidi (he has somewhat of a point) But also I think he hates her because he's just jealous. :shrugs:

    They they hate Jason because they are haters! Ummm..... I don't know why they hate him. Because he's cool with Lauren?? I don't know how nasty Jason was to Lauren. I don't really remember. They broke up because they always fought.... and I'm sure his drinking antics had a lot to do with it too.
  10. Once upon a time, some rich people in Southern California became very afraid of everybody else, so they built enclaves and worked hard on looking alike and speaking in the same indecipherable voice, seldom in sentences.

    After a while, they started to look funny to everybody else, so TV producers who are always on the lookout for this kind of thing, started to make shows about them, and this went on for years. Then reality TV became popular, and so the producers started to make reality shows about them, and one of those shows is called The Hills.
  11. ^lmao!!!
  12. ^^It's funny because it's true. :yes: :lol:

    rosieroseanna -- There's also a lot about this show (&all the drama) on here on wikipedia, including stuff about the individuals from the show, if that helps. :smile:
  13. thank you!