Can someone explain the diff in Chanel leathers?

  1. This may be a dumb question, but can someone explain the pros and cons of calf, caviar, lamb, etc. to me? I have gathered that caviar is probably the most durable. What do you like about each? Dislikes?

    How do you care for each one? I'd like to know particularly for calfskin on this question..... ;)
  2. Hey girl, this comes up a lot as you can imagine:yes:
    I'll give you the quick story:
    Caviar is the most durable, it has a pebbly texture
    Lambskin is the most delicate, it can scratch easily but is soft as buttah!

    Calf and and deerskin is plenty durable for everyday use -depending on the finish some can be more durable than others.
    Also, some finishes make them VERY soft, like the distressed calfskin bags are nice and cushy:yes:
    Which bag are you eyeing Lu?
  3. Ooops, on the care, I clean both my bags w/ baby wipes, fine scratches in lamb can be rubbed to soften/erase.:
    DSCF2139.jpg DSCF1344.jpg
  4. Thanks Swanky ~ that helps a lot! I'm actually awaiting (anxiously) the arrival of this:

    Link borrowed from someone's thread. :idea:

    I've only ever had the Cambon tote, so I'm familiar with that. Love that leather.

    ETA: Swanky ~ I LOVE LOVE that vintage bag you have.
  5. Thanks Lu!

    You'll LOVE that bag, it's more durable than Cambon's supple leather ;)
  6. What do they call that bag? Its gorgeous!
  7. Very lovely bag! Post pics when you get it!
  8. Hey Freetoes -- I have that bag in black! I really love it, it is so practical to use and you can dump all your stuff in there without much worry.
    But -- the CCs scratch! If someone knows how to get the scratches out, please please let me know!
  9. The Cambon leather is very soft and holds up pretty well. I am very careful with it but I have owned a black pochette for a year and do not have one scratch on it. Does anyone know what type of leather this is?
  10. Cambon is calfskin. Some people think it's lamb because it's so crazy soft, but it's not.
  11. That bag is so friggin' hot:nuts: I saw one (or at least one that looked like it) in black on a very chiq lady in an airport once - I was just totally :nuts: :wtf: :love: