Can someone explain the "Bubbliness/Bubbles" on a Spy to me?

  1. Hi gals,

    I am completely new to this side of the forum but have been thinking about getting a spy for the longest time now. Anyway, can someone please explain what it means for a spy to be "bubbly?" Does it come naturally bubbly or does it develop over time? I've heard some people describe their spys as "super bubbly"... what does that mean?

    How does a bubbly spy feel? I'm not sure if what I'm seeing on some spys are bubbles or just the natural leather. When I think of "bubbles" I think of air pockets that are swollen or swelled up beneath smooth leather. Sorry, but the image I am thinking about actually sounds like it would feel and look really scary. LOL. I apologize if I sound a bit crazy but I am TOTALLY new with Fendi. :shame:

    Alrighty, I am looking forward to reading your responses. Thank you so much!
  2. To me a spy has to have bubbles, the more bubbles the better. The nappa leather has natural bubbles in it, its the softest leather ever in my mind, like a big bubble pillow. The leather also has grain lines. The bubbles on the leather is what makes the spy unique. If you take a look at my thread "What to see my spys" you can see the bags, some are more bubbly than others. Some ladies on here do not like the bubbles, some like yourself think they are scary, but this is a natural texture of the leather, nothing to be scared about if its natural. A leather spy would not be a spy without at least some bubbles.

    Their are thousands of bags with pain leather, not many with bubbles.
  3. I think another way to think it is the "sponginess" of the bag.. well, that to me is the feel of the bag. Saich and the Spy addicts are more spot on with "bubbly". It just looks so bubbly and feels spongy.. my baby uses it as a head pillow when I nurse him in the car!
    Just realised the different terms used for diff bags.. i.e. bubbly for Spy and veiny and smooshy for Balenciaga!
  4. The bubbles are in the "grain" of the leather. For lack of a better description, the rounded "bumps" in the leather - it basically refers to the overall texture. I personally think it gives the Spy so much depth and dimension and helps visually enhance the natural variations in color. :drool:
  5. Did I read this right???:nuts: That is one lucky baby!!!!! :yes:
  6. Thanks ladies!!! Your descriptions and explanations really helped!

    I have one more question though. Does it come naturally bubbly or do they usually develop over time with usuage? For instance, if I bought a Spy with very little bubbles all over it - would it stay that way or would more bubbles pop up later?
  7. On my spys they haven't changed much since I had them (they were pretty bubbly to start with) but maybe someone with more spy knowledge than me will hopefully be able to help
  8. Yup, the little man loves Balenciagas too. The tassles are his pull & tug toys when he is in the car seat. When he was around 6-7 mths, he thought Rouille tassles delicious!:p
  9. well,,,i don't completely get it...the leather of each spy bag is not the same right?...some have more grain liners...some have quite plain texture...can i say more grain liners more bubbly???...:confused1: for myself, some part of my spy seems to have more grain liners than the other...i used to call and ask SAs, and they said it's just common for spy...some are more beautiful as grain liners just equally spread all over the bag...but some don't....

    plsss help meee..
  10. Their are grain lines on the leather. Bubbles refer to bumps of different size on the leather, they are raised up half circles of leather.