Can someone explain MJ's ties to LV?

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  1. I am a new LV fan and I was reading another thread where someone was saying Marc Jacobs designs for that true? What exactly does he do for them?
  2. Yup..he designs for LV on the more quirky lines. He's collaborated with a couple of other designers (Takashi Murakami for the multicolore, panda, cherry blossom and cerises lines) and most currently, also created the new charm line as well as a few others.
  3. Yes, he designs for LV. You know how Christian Dior has John Galliano? LV has Marc Jacobs. :P
  4. In 1997, Jacobs was appointed creative director of Louis Vuitton where he developed the company's first ready-to-wear line. His first collection for the Parisian house saw models in white minimalist pieces devoid of accessories or the even the famous LV logo. In 2001, Jacobs launched his more affordable diffusion line, Marc, that rapidly became a must-have label for young urban hipsters. Marc by Marc Jacobs has proved so popular that it is one of the first diffusion lines that has threatened to overshadow the mainline. By 2003, Jacob's company offered a full range of products from perfume and eyewear to accessories and shoes, and he had opened flagship stores on both coasts of the United States.
    Jacobs has succeeded in designing seasonal must-haves for his own two lines, while keeping the Louis Vuitton label modern and contemporary. At LV, he has been triumphant in revamping the famous accessory line and has collaborated with the likes of Steven Sprouse, who designed the ever-popular graffiti bag for spring 2001, Julie Verhoeven, who created patchwork collage bags, and graphic artist Takashi Murakami, who contributed to the bubblegum-cute accessories for spring/summer 2003. His designs continue to be admired on the catwalk and continually mimicked on the high streets.
  5. He designs a lot for LV. They also own his Marc Jacobs' lines of clothing. LVMH also owns Fendi and maybe Givenchy if I'm not mistaken.
  6. he is creative director.
  7. yea, and just an FYI:

    LVMH Owns:
    - Givenchy - Marc Jacobs - Louis Vuitton - Hennessy
    - Fendi - Dior Parfum - Sephora -
    - - Loewe - Celine - Berluti
    - Kenzo - StefanoBi - Emilio Pucci - Thomas Pink
    - Donna Karen - Moet Chando - Don Perignon - Veuve Clicquot
    - Krug - Mercier - Ruinart - Guerlain
    - Givenchy Parfum - Fresh - Kenzo Parfum - Loewe Parfum
    - TAG Heuer - Zenith - Dior Watches - FRED
    - Omas - Chaumet - DFS Galleria - Le Bon Marche
    - Samaritaine

    and a whole bunch of others that i felt weren't important. haha.
  8. LVMH is truly a very, very, very, very large company. The ladies of LVMH family or should I say the heiresses.......must have owned tons and tons and tons and tons of LV bags, Loewe goods and etc, etc, etc. Wish I was born in the family...........
  9. Ladies AND the Gents! even if they don't own Cristal, they can probably get it for free anyway! haha.
  10. A Few Months Back (It Might Have Been In "W"), Bernard Arnault's* Daughter's Wedding Was Featured (I Will Go See If I Still Have The Article). It Was In Paris & Absolutely Beautiful. They Showed Karl Langerfeld, Just Taking Pictures Non-Stop.

    *Just In Case ~ Most Of You Know Arnault Is The Owner Of LVMH!
  11. I didn't know that, but thank you for that info. Interesting. Was it W with Kate Moss on the cover?
  12. I Will Go Look Right Now....BRB
  13. I Found It! YES! With Kate Moss On The Cover (Nov. '05).....Did You Read That Article? It's Adorable. Lucky Girl & Lucky Daddy!
  14. No, I didn't read it, but I did see the magazine lying around in the office. I will pick it up and read it tonight.:biggrin:
  15. I Just Read It Again....ENJOY! Let Me Know What You Think...Or LOVED?!!! Talk To You...KARA