Can someone explain MJ hardawre to me please lol...I'm uneducated...

  1. Okily dokily I just got a new venetia (pics will be posted shortly once my camera decides to behave lol) and it is from the tumbled calf line and has what is known as burnished hardware...

    So what I'm wanting to know is, what is the difference between the burnished hardware on my venetia and the gold antiqued hardware that's on my taupe stam????? All I can notice is that the burnished hardware is slightly more matte in appearance.

    Also, I'm guessing the nickel hardware is the shiny silver harware many MJ bags have? And the gold shiny hardware, is that brass hardware???

    Thanks everyone for helping a dummie out!:p
  2. hahah.. i'm not a hardware expert, but I think the tumbled calf leather bags have burnished gold hardware, at least that is what I think it is after looking up burnished gold on google. I got a lot of results of jewelry, furniture, and statues that have the same gold tone as the hardware for the tumbled calf bags. This particular gold tone is matte like the hardware on those bags.

    As for antiqued gold, it doesn't appear as matte, but it's not shiny either. Also, the lettering of MJ is slightly darkened.

    I'm not sure if the gold hardware is brass. I think there is a difference though, because on eluxury, most of the MBMJ items are described as having brass hardware, and the MJ items are described as having "polished gold metal hardware." I suppose if it was brass, elux would use that instead, just like the MBMJ descriptions. And considering the price difference, I would think it makes sense that MBMJ items would be cheaper with brass hardware instead of gold.
  3. eLux actually says that the shiney gold hardware is polished brass. i think the polishing/ buffing is what gives it it's sheen.
  4. I think the shiny gold hardwares are just painted with gold color, cause my ZC with gold hardwares, the pushlocks are scuffed already and now I have these little white dots. I doubt that it's real gold. It's probably nickle hardwares and they paint them :nuts:
  5. Coolies thanks for your help everyone!!!:flowers: