Can someone explain how a gift registry works?

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  1. My friend is getting married and she sent a card along with her invitation just listing the stores.

    I went online to Williams Sonoma and it doesn't appear they have anything on the site about it.

    So when I go, do I give them her name and they'll print out a list? How do I know what they registered for? (the specific gift) In other words, how do I know what they really want.
  2. Ok one of the stores does have it

    Maybe just not Williams Sonoma... hmm
  3. On the site, there should be a Bridal or Gift Registry section. In fact, here it is for Williams Sonoma:

    If you go to the store, flag down an SA and they'll help you with your friend's list. From there, you can see what's on the printout re: what they still have left.
  4. They will likely have a small kiosk in the store, where you can enter either the bride or groom's name. A list will print out with the items they have chosen. Choose the items you want to purchase, and give the list and the items to the cashier, and she will enter them so they show up as purchased when someone else prints a list.
  5. she sent a list w/ her wedding invitation?

  6. ^Is that not what you're supposed to do?

    Why is that sick?
  7. whats wrong with sending a card of where you registered at in the invitation? i didnt do that just told everyone haha :P But i see nothing wrong with that? But yes there is usually a kiosk in the store and you look it up under either the bride or grooms name under wedding. It usually then asks also what state the wedding is in. Then it will pull up their list and you print it out. It will show you the quantity of each item they wanted and then next to it will show how many are needed. if the item has already been bought by someone else in this column it will say 0. When you goto pay for the item you give the paper to the cashier and usually they scan a barcode from it or type in the id number.. Then it usualy always prints you out a gift receipt at the register. hope a little of this info helps. IF you have any questions, just ask an SA they should be able to help you.
  8. typically, you send the registry info w/ the bridal shower invitation, not the actual wedding invitation. this might be what she means.
  9. Like everyone said, you can just go to the store and an SC will help you..

    and I believe the reasoning you're technically not supposed to include the information as it could be seen as asking for gifts- if someone asks, that's when you tell them where you're registered.
  10. On some Hindu (Indian) wedding invitations that my parents and I received, there is now a clear notice at the bottom of the main invitation card that states "No Boxed Gifts, Please" :throwup:. A registry card is fine, since gifts are and should be optional, but that statement goes way too far. Might as well say "Please give $$$".
  11. That is a bit tacky! A lot of my friends are Asian, so it was more customary to give money to the bride & groom than an actual gift. I'm part-Asian myself and when I got married, my dad's friends & relatives gave us checks which was very generous of them!

    I've always thought that the bridal registry info should never be sent out with shower invitations nor wedding invitations. It should be just word of mouth. But, when my friends were getting married, I just naturally assumed they would register at the local department store (Macy's) and maybe Crate & Barrel, so I would just automatically just check those stores for their registries. I think registering at more than three stores is probably going too far.

    Now, it seems like bride and grooms register everywhere from Target to Tiffany's, so word of mouth is good or just ask the bride where they are registered.

    I like that brides and grooms register for their bridal registry, but I also think that their registries need to be tasteful and with a wide assortment of prices. Not everyone can afford a $500 place setting!
  12. mine was at sears, target, and walmart :P
  13. How else are your wedding guests gonna know where/if you are registered?


    LOL Bethy...I've started my "Tarjay" registry.

  14. i :love: target :P just wish i went more often. but i agree whats wrong with letting people know you registered somewhere, that doesnt make them obligated to get you anything, just letting people know what you need, or an idea of what you need/want in case they want to buy you something :shrugs:
  15. I saw this question asked on Dear Abby once. Abby's response was that while it would be more efficient for everyone involved to put the registry on the invitation, it's still unseemly, so it shouldn't be done. If the guests want to know, they will have to ask the bride.

    Places like Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate & Barrel, William Sonoma, etc. are so popular now, most likely the couple will be registered at one of those stores. A quick search will do. And the last two weddings that I attended, both couples had wedding websites that were printed on the invitation. So while no mention of gifts was on the invite, the website had registry information.