Can someone explain hot stamping to me?

  1. Hi everyone, I have bought a bunch of LVs from elux and the boutique, but the boutique SA's have never mentioned hot stamps to me. I didn't know about it until I saw some of your threads. How much is it and is it worth it???

  2. It's FREE!!!!
  3. it is free and its definitely a personal choice if its something you want to do. i didnt want to do it to my bag so i got a luggage tag heat stamped and just hung it on my bag.
  4. Do you think that it de-values the bag in any way?
    I was thinking about having my frange speedy done---since it is a limited piece and I feel sorta proud/overprotective of it.

    What do you think???
  5. OH, and do you have to wait long to have it done, I mean, can you take it to the store and leave that same day with it hot stamped????
  6. mmm i wouldnt do it to the frange, its too pretty...but the small luggage tag is an a way of personalizing your bag without making it permanent
  7. depends on the store and how busy it is. some you can wait while they do it, other stores make you leave it. I know the boston store and the manhatten stores make u leave them usually
  8. Yes, you are right, the luggage tag is a great idea.

  9. anytime, it was ayla's idea. she gave it to me while i was pondering heatstamping my BH... and my BH is no frange, so i say luggage tag it
  10. Definitely, You're right---then there's versatility, too and I can transfer it to various bags.... time I go to NY!!
    Otherwise, I have access to the Atlantic City and King of prussia stores, but K of P is a very small store...
  11. I would only heat stamp the bags that I know I'll have forever and will not ever think of selling them later. Otherwise, I don't know who will buy your heat stamped bag since it won't be their initials unless they want to change all the leather tabs themselves.

    I'll heat stamp the bags that have great sentimental values to you.