Can someone enlighten me on the Pocket Paddys?


Nov 26, 2005
Hi, I have seen ETenebris' thread on her large pocket paddy (beautiful!) , and then i saw the small pocket paddy on NAP (pict below) and someone mentioned abt the medium pocket paddy. Can someone please clarify?

1. How many sizes of pocket paddys are there?
2. What colours do they come in?
3. What are each of their sizes?
4. Which one can be worn comfortably over the shoulder? (ie. the straps are longer than the original paddy)

Thank you so much!


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Muppy, there are two sizes of the pocket paddy. The one you have pictured is called the small pocket, medium pocket, OR the professor. Confusing, yes? The bag I have is called the big pocket OR the large shopper. The big pocket so far comes in whiskey, mousse (mine), white, and chocolate. At least that is what I have seen so far. The medium pocket comes in chocolate, white, tan (Ron Herman had one the other day), taupe, and black. There may be more colors that I have not seen yet. The big pocket can be worn comfortably on the shoulder. I have not tried the medium pocket on in person. You can see another big pocket under Nicolette's thread " summer 06 bag is here" (I think that is the name...close enough for you to find). Hers is in whiskey and she has photos of it on the shoulder. If you decide you want one in the mousse, let me know. I am seriously considering selling or trading mine for one a bit smaller since I don't need that much bag. But it is FABULOUS if you will use the space! Or if you just love a big bag.:smile:
Oh...forgot sizes. The big pocket is (according to Chloe) 15" wide by 10" high by 7'5" deep. The medium pocket is 11.25" wide by (about) 7.5" high by 7" deep. These are the seam measurements...when the bag slouches it does tend to go out a bit at the sides.
I think the pocket bags will be available in all/most of the current paddy colors. Saks will receive the medium in whiskey. Chloe NYC had the large in whiskey, chocolate, and anthracite and the medium in blanc. Nordstrom will receive the medium and large in black, chocolate, tan, blanc, etc. Sorry, can't remember all the colors... Someone on TFS posted that NM in Boston received the medium this week. BTW, RH, Saks, and NM refer to the medium as the professor. Nordstrom refers to the medium as the "new paddy satchel" and the large as the "new shopper". Best to have all possible names available when making calls...
Thank you so much ETenebris and SoCal, that was reallly helpful. I'm considering it as I read your thread that you could carry it comfortably over the shoulders and I wanted a shoulder bag. Can't wait to see it in real life.
Does anyone has a pict of the medium pocket in taupe? I went to LVR website but I don't know if they have a pict of the taupe!

ooh.. and i don;t suppose the medium comes in whisky, does it?
The LVR pic (when you click on the plus sign/magnifying glass thingy to see more pics) of the taupe is that light golden one, but it is not very true to the actual color. I have not seen a pic of the taupe yet, but I do have a pic of the flesh color for fall.


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mammab said:
:lol: !! Mine too!

I'm expecting the medium/professer/new paddy satchel in YELLOW on Monday. I can't wait.

OOH! I can't wait to see your pics!!! I think I am going to sell my big pocket and go for the smaller pocket/new whatever/professor myself.