Can someone educate me on the U.S. import duty? I am kind of confused!

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Oct 12, 2007
I live in the U.S. and have never bought anything from overseas before. Recently, I bought a Tshirt from luisaviaroma at $46(free shipping via Fedex) and a long wool cardigan from Brownsfashion at $256(no VAT, via DHL). Has anyone who once purchased from these two sites know roughly how much I have to pay for the duty?

As all these two pieces are bought on sale, do the shippers usually declare the sales value or retail value?

I heard that USPS ususally doesn't charge import duty. Can I ask them to ship by USPS? Has anyone convinced them to do that before?

Besides import duty, do I have to pay taxes?

How is Brownsfashsion's CS? I bought from them on last Wedn and haven't heard anyting from them. I emailed them three times and no reply!

I am panic now and not sure if I should cancel the order. If anyone had experience with them, welcome to lecture me! Thank you in advance!!!:heart:
Mar 5, 2008
There are several threads about this on the ebay forum, if you do a search. I think both of the items you bought are cheap enough that you don't have to pay customs.
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