Can someone do a quick authenticity check?

  1. Hello. Im new to this. Im just trying to get decent priced coach bags. Looking at eBay makes it worse especially after getting into this forum. After reading posts after posts of fakes, Im more confused :hysteric: .

    WEll, if there's an expert out there that can help, Thanks!

    (1) Coach Soho leather sm. Flap White/Saddle NWT 100% auth (item 110086931121 end time 06-Feb-07 11:13:23 EST)

    (2) COACH LEATHER SOHO FLAP BAG WHITE SADDLE BUCKLE 10188 (item 130074297799 end time 07-Feb-07 20:54:53 EST)

    (3) Authentic COACH Small Tote-Style Handbag/Purse (item 160080310555 end time 06-Feb-07 12:20:50 EST)
  2. ALL authenticity questions need to be put in the authenticate this! thread at the top of the page! we'd be happy to help you there! :yes:
  3. Can someone move this there then? Or should I just copy and make a new post?

  4. Hi. I believe those are part of the new Outlet Store Line that came out the end of January.
  5. The first two are a part of an Outlet line which came out in
    late January. I saw both of those white with brown trim items
    at the Outlet in Woodbury Common Plaza in Upstate New York
    on Feb 4th.
  6. Make a new post. :yes: Only mods can move your posts and that's a hassle. Someone will definitely tell you what they think in the Authenticate This thread.
  7. Thid one is a Soho Waverly