Can someone describe these Tano colors for me?

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  1. There are some sale bags available in Caribbean Blue, Cobalt Blue and Melon Brown. I can't find swatches of those colors anywhere, though.

  2. ask tano expert!
    I bet she even still has swatches she's amazing like that!
  3. Thank you!
  4. writerrobyn, i can email you examples of bags in those colors if you are willing to be patient- im on my way to work now and I have a really busy day today- i may not be able to do it until the end of the day. My email address is
  5. ^^ are too good to all of us!!! You truly have customer service like it's supposed to be!:heart:
  6. Where are you looking at Tano sale bags? I've been wanting to find a Tano bag in a blue shade and so far have only seen the pool and blueprint colors? Would love to see some more blues.
  7. I saw them at I ended up ordering the Shopper in Caribbean blue. I was able to find some examples of these colors by googling them! It seems like the Cobalt is sort of a dark blue (but not navy, if that makes sense) and Caribbean is bright without being turquoise, exactly.
  8. There was a blue shopper that came up twice on Ebay and I almost bid (loved it) but the first time I was bidding on a couple other bags and the second I wasn't sure why it was relisted and didn't bid. Glad you got it one. They look great.
  9. yay! I'm looking forward to a nice, bright bag. I've been carrying nothing but brown and black for the last few months.