Can someone describe difference between French Nanny and Boogie Bucket?

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  1. I can't really tell from website photos what the differences are between the French Nanny and the Boogie Bucket.

    I like a more slouchy look and a longer drop. Which do you think I should go for?

    If someone has photos of themselves wearing either (or both) bag I'd love to see them.

    Finally, where do you think I can get the best deal on Tano bags? This will be my first.

    Thanks, all. :nogood:
  2. If you go to you can find modeling pictures for both bags. MHB is an authorized on-line Tano seller, and the service is exceptional. Also, if you mention that you are a registered tPFer, they will give you a 10% discount, unless the bag is already on sale. If you have any questions, just go to their customer service and send an e-mail. Luna Boston and That's Our Bag are also reputable dealers, though the selection might be limited. Good luck on your first Tano. Both the French Nanny and the Boogie Bucket are great bags. I have a Boogie Bucket and some on this board have MANY Boogies. The new colors will be out soon, so you might want to wait a few weeks to see the new colors. On the other hand, some of last season's colors are on sale. Must Have Bags can let you know what styles and colors will be arriving soon.
  3. Thanks, Jane917. I'm heading for that website right now!
  4. Hi newbie,

    For future reference, please use the "search" function located near the upper right portion of your screen... we have many threads on the french nanny vs boogie bucket quandry. Please look at my post on the first page of this link:, it gives links to all the other french nanny/boogie threads!

    For photos, please check the modeling pics thread stickied at the top of the Tano subforum. (

    For retailers, please check out the online retailers thread, also stickied at the top of the Tano page. (

    I hope that helps! Welcome to TPF and the Tano subforum!!!!! :hugs:
  5. i have both and there are some basic differences:

    1) FN closes with a zipper and BB closes with a magnet.
    2) The FN strap is longer (so a longer strap drop) and a thinner more flimsy leather. The BB strap is thick and wide with a suede underside so it doesn't slip. It's kinda stiff and hard for a while but does eventually get more broken in.
    3) The side trim is different also--the BB has a thick strap with big silver buckles that runs straight down the side to the bottom, whereas the FN has the thinner straps that run part way down, then splits towards the bottom.
    4) In terms of the overall body of the bag, the FN is a little wider and shorter where the BB is taller and a bit more narrow. The BB holds more I would say.
    5) personally i think the FN with the longer drop and softer strap is much more comfy to carry, but for looks you can't beat the BB, it just looks like a more expensive bag. I have one FN and several BB if that tells you anything!

    BTW-Luna Boston is going to discontinue Tanos so they don't have much left. Definitely buy from MHB, they are the best! Good luck and let us all know what you buy!
  6. Thanks to everyone's great help, I just ordered the black w/ black trim Boogie Bucket. My first Tano bag; unfortunately, probably not my last. :smile:

    I'm thinking about getting the French Nanny in Blueberry next . . . . . ..

    Thanks, guys!
  7. Woo hoo, that was quick! Congrats!
  8. Not so quick, TygerKitty . . . .. I'd been straddling the fence for a few days now; the threads you referred me to helped push me off onto the Boogie Bucket side of that fence!
  9. I think you would be happy with either one Newbie, but there is definitely something special about the Boogie. There are several of us here who own more than one (or two, or three :love: !) so let us know how you like it! When you get it, remember it softens up with use and in a couple of weeks or less, it will get slouchy and puddly and you will be hooked!
  10. Thanks for telling me about it getting more slouchy with use. I didn't know that but I'm glad you told me because "slouchy" was one of the main things I was looking for in the new bag.

    BTW, I'm assuming that Watson's the one in the picture . . . If it is, he's adorable! I've got three of my own. :smile:
  11. aw, thanks. Yes, that's "The Dude" as we call him. Three dogs, wow! At 120 pounds, one of him is enough, but he's 120 lbs of pussycat!
  12. Ahhhh okay ;) Congrats again!
  13. I was just looking at lots of pictures of you modeling various Tano bags! You and your bags are adorable. :rolleyes: I'll get myself up there when my Boogie Bucket arrives.

    I've got two other Tanos in my sights now, a French Nanny (maybe in Berry Blue) and a Vixen A Go Go. I love 'em both!

    Any suggestions on where to find the best deals on Tano bags? I bought the Boogie Bucket off of ebay from a seller with great feedback who sells a lot of Tano bags because I had a $50.00 ebay gift card but I didn't see any great deals on ebay.
  14. As with any fashion label, you can usually catch some sales at the end each season on discontinued styles and or colors. But if you want the brand new stuff, good discounts aren't often available.