Can someone convince me to go for a facial...

  1. My friends have been telling me that I should give that a try. Now that I have reached over 40's, I do feel that no matter what kind of skin care products (La Mer, Dr. Perricone, Sisley's) that I use...nothing really seems to work. Do I really need to go for a facial once a month or so to have a boost on my tired skin? Is it painful? And does anyone know of any good facialist in the Bay Area that I can go to? Sorry for all these questions....just that it will be my very first time...and the first time is always scary no matter what.:sweatdrop: TIA
  2. No pain involved unless you get an extraction done. Now that hurts. But I used to go get facials and I absolutely love them. Not just for skin but it really helps me get away for a moment. Just to relax for that time is great mentally. I wonder if my healthcare plan would buy into that and start covering them. Sort of a preventative medicine type of thing!!!

    Go...if you really don't like it you can at least say you tried it.
  3. I get facials once per month. I've always had good skin and though they help keep my skin in really good condition, I mainly go for the relaxation/pampering aspect. I've had facials in very high end spas that left me feeling ho hum and now go to a place that specializes in faces only (no leg waxing, etc) and pay half the price for a far superior experience.
  4. Since my skin is being less than cooperative lately, I've been getting facials about every 2 to 3 weeks with the esthetician at my dermatologists office. its very relaxing and pampering as others have mentioned. My skin gets better with every visit - so i would highly reccomend at least giving it a shot, its also nice to just take some time out for yourself :smile:
  5. I LOVE facials. They are great. The first time I went for one I had no idea they did extractions, I just thought it was going to be masks and massages and heaven. NO! The extraction part HURTS but afterwards, my esthetician gives me a shoulder massage while the mask is drying. I also get microdermabrasion and a light chemical peel. Go to someone who knows what they are doing though, or you could end up with some scaring from the extractions. You will LOVE the results though, all of my friends who I have convinced to get facials are now addicted! I bet you will be too!
  6. Extractions are painful, but the last one I went to was w/out them and I ended up sawing some wood....I woke up when she was finishing up....that's how relaxing and amazing it was! LOL
  7. Wow, sounds like it would be a perfect place to get away just for myself!!! Thanks so much for all your precious opinions!:heart:

    Now to find a place, has anyone here been to this place? It is about 15 mins away from my home.... TIA
  8. I finally got my first one this past Mother's Day, thanks to my wonderful hubby! It was a 50 min one at a Glen Ivy Spa. It felt wonderful and left me feeling very clean and fresh. Also for like a week after my face felt soooo soft! I really wish we could afford for me to go every month but hubs said every 6 months or so...........

    Oh and it was $100 plus tip

    this is what it was:
    GLEN IVY SIGNATURE FACIAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100
    Includes mild exfoliation, manual extractions, and a facial masque to
    nourish dry or sun damages skin. (50 minutes)

    what I'd really like to do is go do micro-dermabrasion facials but I hear those are pricey.
    Here's more info on that:
  9. I had my first one, about 2 years ago and I LOVED it! Its so great!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so relaxing, if i could get one once a week i would!
  10. Ok, not all facials are equal. And some ARE painful.

    Make sure you talk to people who have gotten a facial from your spa of choice before you go there.

    Some will PICK YOUR ZITS using tweezers.

    Others will massage your face roughly until it hurts.

    Others will rub a sandy salty mixture on your face, which is like sanding paper.

    I've had really amazing facials, mind you, but sometimes they are terrible! So do your homework.
  11. I love facials but don't get them as often as I would like. I'm in San Francisco and there are so many great places - Tru Spa, International Orange, La Belle, Nordstrom, etc. You should get on the email list for Several times a year there are specials where you can get treatments including microdermabrasion for $50. San Francisco is one of the areas as well as NY, Los Angeles, etc.
  12. Pardon my total facial newbiness, but what do they do during the "extraction"? From the concensus here, it sounds painful!
  13. They squeeze your blackheads/whiteheads/zits out! It hurts and you get redness after that.. but it'll subside after a while.

    I love microdermabasion facials. Very effective and very lux!
  14. oooh facials are my favorite! i try and get them every 8 weeks or so [ i'm young .. so i don't go as often ] .. but i get the whole sha-bang! microderm and all! i :heart: it! so relaxing .. your skin just glows afterwards .. and it's just a great way to pamper yourself!

    definitely do a little research and find someone good .. and i guarantee you'll be addicted!
  15. here is a step by step of what goes through a typical facial without special add ons.

    - cleansing your face with cleanser and sponges
    - might use an exfoliating scrub too depending on your skin type
    - toner massaged on face
    - a little mini mask applied to face for 5 minutes
    - mini mask is cleaned off
    - get ready for steaming, maybe 10 minutes
    - after steaming come extractions if necessary, which can range from 5-20 minutes depending on the person
    - soothing cream / something is applied and left on the face for a few minutes after extraction
    - face is prepped with toners / serums
    - mask is poured on top, with cotton eyepads over eyes
    - 15-20 minutes for mask to dry
    - mask is removed
    - face is cleansed and moisturized and you are ready to go!