can someone confirm...

  1. that the damier azur actually has vachetta???

    I thought it was just a cream colored leather, but not vachetta.

    I don't think cream and blue go with patina...:yucky:
  2. I don't think it's vachetta. I thought it was cream colored leather.

  3. Oooh! I hope so! :heart:
  4. I thought it was vachetta...but what do i know :-/
  5. It looks like vachetta to me...
  6. I hope it's leather!!!:nuts:
  7. I'm not going to buy it if it's vachetta. I don't think it will look good together. I have enough Mono bags to worry about. The great thing about Damier is not having to worry about vachetta. LV don't change things now!
  8. I know!!! In a way, I hope it's vachetta so I don't have to buy it and I can buy something else on my list.
  9. Well they've made limited edition and SO Damier bags with vachetta, and they went together great. So I think the Azure will look great with vachetta as well
  10. ooooh! Something to think about! :biggrin: (sorry I have no idea whether it's cream colored leather or untreated leather....)
  11. i hope it's not vachetta... cream/blue damier + orangey patina-ed vachetta = :yucky:
  12. that woudl just kill that dreamy light look in a year and a half
  13. Me too ! :wtf:
  14. I'm not sure, although the bigger, clearer pictures that I posted in another thread sure do look like vachetta to me. Although I'd prefer it to be treated leather, personally. Don't think I'd adore the patina look with the canvas.
  15. I can't picture it with orange patina too. Ick.