Can someone confirm what color my Marcelle is?

  1. And if anyone says that it's fake I'll :crybaby:.
    DSC00679.JPG DSC00680.JPG DSC00681.JPG DSC00682.JPG DSC00683.JPG
  2. Definitely Toffee! :tup:
  3. Thank you!! What color is the cognac in comparison?
  4. The cognac is definitely more warm golden brown, though some folks see a little orange in it. I don't in the cognac Marcelle but do in the cognac Claudia. The Toffee has that reddish brown cast to it.

    Here's the Kooba site pic of the cognac:
  5. Shewolfy, no need to cry, you did good with this one. CONGRATULATIONS, you got an authentic toffee Marcelle. It's beautiful. Mine should arrive in about a week.
  6. It's a beautiful Toffee! No crying...why are you's a fab bag....
    I completely like the Toffee far more than the Cognac...IMO.....:heart:
  7. Oh, that's good, no need to cry...

    Joelle and Mini like Toffee, I like Cognac, that's what makes the world go around:smile:

    Are you happy with your Marcelle, shewolfy?
  8. GORGEOUS BAG Shewolfy!! You did good on that one for sure...a beauty! Congrats.
  9. Yes, I am absolutely happy and from now on that is my limit to spend on a new bag. !! I was only going to cry if someone said that it was fake..
    Let's do more pics. This is fun!
  10. Oh and thank you everyone!!!
  11. Tee hee - and that's what keeps Kooba in business!!! :yahoo::heart:
  12. But I can't see the Fall line keeping Kooba in business, they should revert back to the classics.
  13. That is such a pretty toffee color and I'm kind of excited to see what new styles Kooba will be offering next. If only I can afford one of their leather jackets, the leather must be divine.
  14. I do enough damage with bags. Thank goodness I live in central Florida where it really doesn't get cold enough to wear leather jackets.
  15. Yes, you did good. It's definitely an authentic toffee. The cognac is just a tad lighter as you can see in these pictures of the one I had in my collection but just sold (in the hopes that I will find that elusive black Lucy and have the funds set aside).
    Front.jpg Top.jpg Upright.jpg Leather.jpg