Can someone comment on the Damier Chelsea?

  1. Do you love it? Like it? Would you get the same bag again, knowing what you like about it IRL use? Any thoughts would be appreciated. :smile: I'm on eLuxury about to punch "Buy Now" but wanted your thoughts first.

  2. I tried this bag on and it's very unflattering....IMO! Too big, boxy, stiff, etc. I chose the Saleya MM instead! =)

  3. I acually own this bag and I have come to love a great deal. I use it for school. I do not stuff it, as it can be heavy.

    It is not necessarily stiff. In fact, I find that Luco, Babylone and Cabas Mezzo are much more stiff than Chelsea.

    It contains one pocket on the inside, but at the time that I made my purchase, which was December 2005, it did not have a cell phone pouch. I hope that things have changed since.

    It is a wonderful bag....and you rarely see it around!
  4. I love it- so unique and different than the Cabas, Saleya, etc.
  5. I have never tried it on but I have seen people wearing it and I love the look of it. It's fantastic looking.
  6. I tried it on before, and it was really big. I didn't think it was very flattering on me, but it could be wonderful on you! Please let us know what you decide.
  7. I have it and I think it's a fantastic bag for work. It really holds a lot. I can fit my LV pochette, work shoes, and all kinds of files and other various stuff in it. Plus I love that it has a zip top. I personally don't think it's very stiff, but it's not smooshy leather of course like the Fendi Spy or other bags like that. It's a structured bag.

    Here's pics of my Chelsea in action, forgive my silly humor (starting with post 416):
  8. Thanks, everyone. Hmm. Three "loves" and one...not so much. I think I do need to try it on myself before buying it. I have no clue about eLuxury's return policy as I've always kept what I bought from them. I am shocked that it is heavy because one of the pluses I thought the bag might have was that it didn't look heavy. But that's good to know because I had a "bag injury" that left me in a cast for 6 weeks.

    I really do appreciate your taking the time to answer the questions. Thank you so much!
  9. My good friend has this bag, she is very tall so it looks good on her, plus she uses as a baby bag. I don't like this style personally but that depends what you like really.
  10. Oh gosh. I missed the last replies. (I've been doing a kazillion things after starting the above) Lori, that is hysterical!! Was this maybe the precursor to -- or the inspiration for -- the "Traveling H Scarf?" I loved the Chelsea in your pictures, btw!

    Still...I might try it on first to see if it's right for me. My PHH keeps coming in and asking what in the world I'm writing. I told him I was writing a dissertation on the Damier Chelsea, lol. (*knowing he had no idea what that was...:smile:) I gotta go, because he now sees that this is the Purse Forum, and that means I get the "You've got too many bags as it is" look. Thanks again and again, I appreciate your thoughts.
  11. I think it looks great for work! Nice clean lines and structured look. :smile:
  12. It's a great looking spacious bag. :yes:
  13. i'm not too fond of it. I feel like it seems shapeless? :shrugs: I'd prefer the Manosque instead if I were to get a Damier tote.
  14. For me, it is too heavy when full

    Here are pics - I am five feet tall


    18.jpg 19.jpg
  15. I used to be in love with this bag...actually, I still kinda want it, but not so much, anymore. I think it's a beautiful bag, but I think it'd be more appropriate for work, babies, or travel (unless you like to carry a lot everyday). The only 2 things I don't find very attractive about the bag is that the canvas sticks out at the top and the zippers extend beyond the bag.