Can someone clear something for me?

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  1. so i bought my large water color hobo ad i am toying with the idea of selling it, either returning it or i guess i will have to sell it on ebay.
    this is my question- can you return something to the outlet w/o tags if you have the reciept? my problem is i took the tags off, and i don't exactly know where the reciept is but i'm pretty sure i still have it.....
    I guess my best bet is to do ebay right?
  2. As long as you have the receipt and the bag hasnt been used you can return in to the outlet.
  3. thanks, but they will take it even though i don't have the tags?
  4. The tags don't really matter as long as the bag is not used and you have the receipt. I have bought plenty of bags from outlets before that had no tags attached at the time of purchase. :yes:
  5. oooh gotcha ok then i guess i'm going to hunt for the reciept.... i guess then will they give you back money or just store credit?
  6. If you have your receipt and you paid with your own money (not store credit) they will give it back to you in the form you paid. If you can't find the receipt they will give you store credit. :tup: I have never returned something without the tags and the receipt, but they may take it back if it is not used, you could call and ask. :tup:
  7. alright! thank you! no I have to hunt.....
  8. I have cut off tags and changed my mind w/o using the bag and returned it with the receipt.
  9. I bought a bag last weekend from a boutique and only noticed it had no tags when I decided to return it and had no problem at all. Apparently it's not that uncommon for a new bag to be missing it's tags.
  10. also, cant they can look up in the computer what you have bought like Louis Vuitton?!