Can someone authenticate this Bulga please??

  1. Would like to see better pics but so far, so good IMO.
  2. I've never owned that particular Bulga, but the inside fabric and the tag sure look authentic to me. Anyone else care to comment? Oh, and love the bag!
  3. it looks good to me - it's starting to wear at the edges like auth Bulga's do, and the bag has a got a bit of a shine to it, that I also find Bulga's do as it ages. I like the way the leather looks in the pic of the inside of the bag.

    One thing I notice is two very dark marks along the inside edge (visible in the 1st pic near the top). With the amt of "fraying" of the leather's edges, I'd make you see a pic of the back of the bag, the bottom and the shoulder strap - just to be sure they're not extremely worn out.
  4. I added more pics but thanks for helping, I'm a new Bulga addict and don't know much about how to spot a fake!
  5. thanks!
  6. The first one looks identical to mine (just a different color). The tag, the interior, the grommets and everything looks good. It also looks to be in great condition.

    The second one doesn't look as good. I am also not so great at authenticating older bags with different linings, so I may be off-base. But even if it is real, I don't like the different shades of brown on the front and I don't like the inside zipper that doesn't match either the interior or the exterior of the bag. It looks far more heavily used than the first.
  7. So for sure the 1st one is real? I was iffy about the second one myself, all the Bulga's I looked at online had the same lining as the 1st! Thanks so much!
  8. I think the second one is fake. The leather looks a lot like the leather on the fake bag I got stuck with. The tassels also look very stiff (they should be buttery soft & "fringey"). The name "BULGA" doesn't look right either (on the inner label). Plus, I don't think they ever used a green zipper on a brown bag - a while back there were a bunch of fake Bulga's on eBay that had that floral lining - there were ones w/red floral linings and blue floral linings. I wouldn't chance it on the second one - but the first one looks good to me.
  9. I noticed the different shade on the second one as well. The first one looks fine, but I wouldn't buy the second one!:tdown:
  10. Thanks everyone!!!!!!! I bought the 1st one!!!!!! Should be getting it by friday!!!!!!!!
  11. yes....the bag you bought is definitely real. I own this exact bag (same color and all) and everything is identical. once you oown a bulga you can point the leather out very well too. Enjoy! as far as teh second is too iffy...i wouldnt trust it.