Can someone authenicate this Kate Spade bag for me??

  1. I am thinking this is a fake...but I just love the colors. Can someone tell me if this is real or not? or how to go about finding out?

    I am new here and just found this board while doing a search on this purse. I am a new convert to designer purses and I'm really enjoying it. It's nice to spend some $$ on myself for a change.

    Thanks so much!!!

  2. Is that plastic on the straps of the larger bag? If so, I'd venture to say they are fake. In most cases, designer bags are not sold with the plastic or paper still on the straps.
  3. Oh no~! U mean there's fake for Kate Spade too??!! Are there any fakes for the Flat Iron Thea bag? I just received this bag after winning it from eBay. Could you help me on this please? It comes with the dust bag and something like a warranty card. Thanks in advance!:confused1:
    katespadethea.JPG katespadethea1.JPG katespadethea2.JPG katespadethea3.JPG
  4. Agree with armcandyluvr, go look at that site! twinsplusone, compare your bag's label to the ones there. I am quite sure you will find the bag you found is fake.
    Slip, elviscostellofan [owner of] has posted on the eBay boards saying the newer bags haven't been faked so much. I like the looks of your bag, the bottom kate spade looks like my Tracy bucket's imprint. Look for a little black tag inside the zippered pocket, it should have some numbers on it and a thread upon which you can just read katespade in teeny letters.
  5. Hi twinsplusone. I think the bag you are looking at is not real. 1st like lori said there is plastic on the handles, second I dont think the kate spade label is right and lastly I am pretty sure kate spade has never made a bag or wallet in that print.
  6. Twinsplusone, I'm almost positive that that's a fake bag- KS hasn't made anything that looks like that in years, and I see a TON of those exact bags at the local mall in the fake purse booth.

    Slip, I'd guess that your bag is just fine- the interior looks just like my Wellesley Samson interior- like Kathyy said, I don't think the newer bags are faked so much. Since they are updated so often, it's probably not worth it for most of the 'fakers" to try and keep up with the newest styles.
  7. Thanks! Phew! I've done some inspections on my part as soon as I received the bag. There is indeed some sort of a serial number inside the zip compartment. It got me worried at first when I didn't really feel and smell the leather at the bottom and the trimmings around the bag but still when I look at the workmanship it seemed finely done.:smile::heart:
  8. Thanks Elara. Glad I have another TPFer who seconds that my bag is fine.;)