Can someone assist with the brown shades-good choices for Spring?PICS??

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  1. Hi,

    I am often found in the Chloe forum, and actually just received a camel colored bay bag-which is a chamois color.....but I recently sold my INK b-bag, because I needed something bigger, and am thinking for style I would like a day, and for color, a shade of brown. I have 4 kids, and am very casual....mostly jeans, and just running around/nothing too exciting as far as lifestyle.

    But I am clueless on color. My husband was looking at Barneys in Bev Hills and trying to describe color, and even had the SA scan them to see what color rang up...they all simply said brown, so I have no idea which shades he was looking at. I think one was camel, and the SA said it was the most western, like a saddle. Is this true? I like a deep caramel, but not so much the term western.

    I also think cafe looks nice, but what are the thoughts on it for Spring? Too dark??

    Is truffe or truffle a rich color? It sounds nice. But again, haven't seen it IRL.

    I'd like to be able to pin down a color, send the SA to look at the A.Naff website, and match up the brown I select. I do like the option of buying at Barneys so that if it is not perfect, I can return the bag.

    I'd love some advice/opinions about the various shades of brown....and what would be nice for S/S.

    Lastly....thoughts on the black, quilted b-bag??? My husband is having her send me one. They look cute, but are they WAY puffy? I don't hear about them much here!

    Thanks so much for all of your help!
  2. I don't know either!! I just bought a truffle city over the phone because I just received a cafe colored city and it is too dark. Like, way to dark. It is going back. I'll post pics of the truffle when it arrives! Good luck.
  3. I saw this brown Bbag in Harvey Nichols last week. Don't know which brown this is either! It's not Cafe, but it might be Truffle.

    The tag just said "brown"
  4. Gosh, I wish they would stick a tage in the bag to say which color it is. Or maybe there is a code I just don't know how to read?

    Shasta-I will be anxious to see your truffle!! What season is it? pre-spring or A/W 06?
  5. I have a chocolate day bag from 05 and it is dark like the cafe. It is very versatile because it is so dark - it looks good when I wear brown, too. If you don't wear a lot of brown, the a lighter colored brown would work better.

    Of the lighter shades, I like marron the best. It is a fall color, but I'm sure someone has one in stock somewhere. It is a dusty brown with just a hint of lavender undertones. Its very unique.

    And the tan color she is describing would probably be the camel color from fall.
  6. Siri what is the color of the bag at the bottom? :drool:


    Maybe SA is talking about maroon???
  7. I think it's Blue India b/c of 06 tag. Not 100% sure, it was beautiful whatever colour it was!:smile:
  8. Thanks Siri:love: I am going to do a search on Blue India.