Can someone assist me please. Pochette for pencil case ?

  1. Hi ! Im on my cousins PC because my motherboard has died on my PC. I only have an hour on here so I just wanted to ask a quick question. I know there are lots and lots of threads on this but I need help.

    I really want to get a bag from the Mirrior range but the big bags are too expensive. So I was thinking about getting the Mirrior pochette and using it as a pencil case because Im a guy. Or I could get a long strap and have it as a small messenger...what do you guys think ?

    Also which colour is there gunna be less of, gold or silver ?. And Im in London on the day of the release (Im on NO wait list) so do you think I will get one. Like 1st come, 1st served ?.

    Thanks everyone ;)
  2. :nuts: A Miroir pencil case will be TDF. I'll go with silver. IMO silver will suit a guy better unless you're a "gold" person. If there's no waiting list ( which I doubt), then I'm sure you can get it.
  3. I think silver would be cool. But aren't you scared of getting ink and pencil all over the inside of it?
  4. Definitly not a mini-messenger, it's too small for that. A pencil case...a bit large for that, but that's ok, you can put more stuff in I'm sure (calculator, etc) I wouldn't worry about pen stuff, just cap your pens and use mech. pencils that the lead goes back into...I would say sliver, gold is like POW!
  5. My vote is for silver too. Would look great in a small piece!

  6. I agree. Silver Pochette would be nice.

  7. This was my first thought.
  8. I can´t see it as a pencil case
  9. That's kind of big as a pencil case...
  10. Actually, I think mirior one is smaller than the regular one, so it should be just right.

    Either color should be great. Silver is hot....but then again the gold is like the plate on the antigua bags, so that's hot too.
  11. I was looking at Pencil Cases recently and have settled on a replacement pouchette for the bucket. Its 7.4 inches long and fits everything. The only thing I can't decide on is Damier or Monogram. Just wanted to give some information if you the mirroir doesn't work out. Also, The Antigua sac could work but it's not as nice IMO.

    All the Best