Can someone advise on a 1st Chanel purchase?

  1. Hi, I am usually in the b-bag or Chlor forum. But have always loved the quilted one does them better than Chanel. I don't know the names of any styles or shapes, and Chanel is not sold in my city, so it owuld be a phone call to NM or Saks. But what would be a great tote style, quilted, solid colored...perhaps black or light pink. Leather straps, I think I am too casual for the chain (although they are gorgeous and classic). I'd like it to be a youthful style.

    Could you throw me out some style names or even pictures??

    Thanks so much!!!

    And yes, my husband was in NM in Beverly Hills yesterday looking at them for me, and the SA pressure was on because she told him the price would be going up $400 today!! Yikes, maybe I should have had him buy me one then!!!
  2. Have you perused our Reference LIbrary?
    It's probably easiest for you to do that first and let us know what piques your interest.
    Chanel, unlike a lot of other brands has sooooooo many different styles/colors/leathers.
  3. Thanks Swanky I will go there!!
  4. I just love this tote! (not mine, unfortunately! borrowed pic from ref library!)