Can Someome Please List Authenticity Tips

  1. Can one of the advanced collectors--I guess anyone with more than 3 BV bags--just kidding--please list or show pics of some of the obvious things we can use to tell fakes.

    I am just starting my collection. Fakes are just beginning too, I think. Rather than me searching thru all the posts in the authenticity listings please put some glaring things we can look for in one place.

    Thank you :yahoo:
  2. BV's are harder than some brands to determine authenticity--the styling is subtle. And they have changed things over the years: example, zippers--the vintage bags I have show no brand name on the zippers and some newer ones do have a brand name. The zipper pulls sometimes have tabs, sometimes have a knotted leather tie.

    The single best tip I could give you is to become so familiar with the font that you can spot the real thing v. the fake fonts. I'll look on eBay for a real one and pass it on to you to see what it looks like. Even my old BV's have the same font although it is stamped on a metal plate inside the bag
  3. Thanks so much Pat. This helps me so much. If you think of anything else please let me know, Hillary:yes: I know my collection of BV bags will grow. I love them. Goodbye Chanel.:crybaby:

    I just looked and eBay removed the authentic BV bag with the correct font and left the fake bag. Can you find another item # with the correct font that I might look at before eBay removes it. Of course my new bag will show me but I am a slow learner. Thanks again.
  4. This may be a “reverse” authenticity tip – what I do from time to time, is go on that awful “offer” website that lists tons of fakes, and look at the fake pictures so I can (1) know which styles are definitely being faked (I was really shocked and sad to see the “cocker” and some others being faked), and (2) be familiar with the tell-tale details on fakes.
    Sometimes ebay sellers claiming authenticity even use the SAME pictures as those “offer” website sellers! Too awful!
  5. Well, here are 3 that I found where you can actually see the font: #280102602572, 160102690369, 150108854134. I thought the last one is the good one I PM'd you before. anyway she's an authentic seller and the font is good. Hope this helps a bit.
  6. I do the same, it's good to keep yourself aware of which models are being copied.
  7. Thank you so much for this info, BV really is a harder brand to authenticate and us newbies sure need the help!

    Here's the pic of the last one for fast ref:
  8. Thanks so much for the help. :heart: :heart:

    For now I am only looking at the woven bags which I think are harder to copy, but its only a matter of time.
  9. Hi Chiaoapple, thanks for the tip, I never thought of that!
  10. These people will copy anything, including the woven bags--be very careful. I have seen fake Venetas, ball bags, cabats, cockers, chain hobos--if a style sells well, it has probably been faked.
  11. Good thread! It's hard to duplicate the feel of a real Bottega because they are made with the softest, finest leathers like Chervo deerskin. Here are a few things that I'd add to the list: For the intrecciato (woven leather) bags- the strips will seem bit stiff or thick and the dye only will penetrate the top of the leather on a replica. A real BV has thinner, more delicate strips that have a deeper dye throughout the skin. (pics below) The font of a real BV bag is very distinctive -best to get to know some pictures of real fonts vs. fake fonts and you'll soon pick up on the differences-also note the spacing- not only between the "Bottega Veneta" part, but the relationship of it to the "Made In Italy" below that. (see pics)

    Other thoughts: Not all stitching is absolutely perfect on BV bags, keep in mind that these are handmade bags, but stay away from the obvious white stitching that the fakes can have. Also the dustbags are changing colors: they are phasing out of the chocolate brown into the lighter tan, (at least for now). The sewn in labels of BVs have changed throughout the decades, but all Bottegas have a sewn in tag-(it's like their birth certificate!)

    Not all Bottegas have mirrors, and the mirrors that are included really vary from bag to bag, although the rule of thumb is that they are reserved for the classic icons and the wovens. The mirrors should match the bag color.
    weave fake.jpg weave:real.jpg fake font.jpg BV Font 1:real.jpg Bottega-serial.jpg
  12. The woven hobos have been copied a lot!! Be careful!!
  13. Marly, those tips are very helpful! Thanks for sharing and posting the pics! Where is the inner tag located? Inside the inner pocket?
  14. Double post.
  15. It’s typically found inside the inner pocket. The tag should have identification numbers below the words.