Can somebody tell me which cambon colors are new and which are disc.??

  1. Hello!

    I am just wondering is Chanel coming out with any or has come out with any new colors for its cambon line?? and which ones have they disc??

  2. discontinued: pink/black, beige/black, white/black, black/black leather (not black/black patent leather)

    limited edition --> no longer sold/discontinued: white/python, khaki/python, brown/beige

    current: black/white, and the mono ones... black/black patent, beige/beige patent, etc.

    Not sure if they're coming out with any new colors and I may be off in the categories to which some of the above combos are listed so anyone feel free to correct me
  3. oh i never knew the pythons were limited!!...hmmm.......and I always thought a black/python was avail...(maybe Im just going crazy..)...

    Does anyone find the material for this durable?? (for every other day wear??)

  4. I would say the material is pretty durable, it's almost as durable as caviar, a notch or two below. as long as you aren't dragging the purse alongside the road, it should be fine for every other day wear
  5. the "ring" holding to the straps doesn't seem strong enough...I've seen bags that was torn around the ring area...y ..may i know?? I dun think they carried "heavy" stuff in their bags..
  6. Dear Mello:

    You are just SO KNOWLEDGEABLE!!!

    For current, you might want to add brown/brown patent. VERY rich color and someone at the forum has gotten 1 recently and I've seen it in NM Newport few weeks ago....

    Happy V-day,
  7. Are cambons easy to clean? I'm considering one and I'm somewhat rough with my bags. I would probably use it everyday.
  8. ^ yea thats what im wondering...iknow its not like lambskin but i can't help it to think it would get "knicked" easily, sumdged or color transfer, or what im worried mostly about is the color one the endges and corners fading easily....... you guys think its kinda "tacky" now that there are SOOO MANY ugly fakes out there??

    does anyone have this bag that they use everday??
  9. Cambons are definitely easy to clean. I've actually gotten blue dye from my jeans on my pink medium tote and it came right off.
    It's really durable calfskin..and no, it's not tacky now that there are fakes. Carry them because you like them, not because you think the bag is trendy, or end up not carrying them because of the fakes. I honestly don't even see many fakes of these anymore, I think people have moved onto whatever the hot bag is at the moment.
    Anyway, the only thing that would be tacky would be carrying a fake ;)
  10. weirdest thing....a girlfriend of mine went into chanel today and the SA told her that the cambon is being disc and that the new version is the cotton she just fibbing to sell the cotton?? (btw they didn't have any cambon in but she did have the cotton club reporters)