Can somebody tell me what lining their glazed Almond bag has?

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  1. There is a mystery MAB on ebay right now and I'm dying to know what color it is. It has the fleur de lis lining. Anyone have any idea what year/season the bag would be from?

    I think we need some kind of Stickied reference thread like the bbag forum has. Maybe Rebecca could kindly put one together for us - so we know what colors were issued in what year/season and what lining they have. This would help us accurately identify bag colors on the internet.
  2. ^^^^^^^GREAT idea about the sticky reference thread.

    My Glazed Almond Matinee has the Fleur De Lis lining. LOVE IT!
  3. Yes.. I just read up on it. It's called Canvas Floral lining while the "fleur di lis" is the older lining she used.

    I LOVE THE FLORAL LINING!! It's gorgeous and one of my favorite features on my bags!

    P.S. To your original question- that "mystery bag" is definitely not the glazed almond.. I'm not totally certain what color it is but I think it may actually be called coffee.
  4. ^^ oops my bad sorry! i thought floral = fleur di lis.
  5. I almost want to say that this bag you are referring to is actually Cognac, but Im not sure. Its either the Cognac or the Glazed Almond
  6. I'm pretty sure its not the glazed almond since the lining is wrong (and the color looks different). Cognac, eh?

    Maybe I will ask around and see if anyone here owns a cognac RM bag - and what kind of lining it has.
  7. I dont know what the mystery color is.....But whatever it is, it looks yummy:upsidedown:
  8. There is a coffee color you know, and the listing says it's coffee right? Why couldn't it be coffee? It's definitely not Glazed Almond and it looks darker than the Cognac but that could be due to lighting.

    I saw a bag online with Coffee trim and it looks exactly like the color of the mystery bag. I know that it doesn't really look like coffee, well maybe coffee with cream!
  9. To be more specific, here is what I'm talking about-

    Here is a link of the RM "Coffee" leather:

    Here is a link to the "mystery" color:

    Pretty similar right? The seller even says it's coffee..