Can somebody tell me (LV question)

  1. A friend of mine has a theda multicolour bag and insists it's real. It looks quite fake to me (the leather just looks too plasticy to be real) Could somebody please tell me how to identify if it's real or not.
  2. Send pics and to the authenticate LV forum and we'll be glad to help you out
  3. If I can get a pic of her bag I will. Thanks!
  4. The biggest thing to llok for on MC is the number of colors, real mc has 33 different shades, many fakes only have a few.
  5. fashionphile on eBay has a good guide to the Multicolore pattern you should check out.
  6. Post pics -- I have one and will check it out.
  7. The colors are the easiest way to check. Check out fashionphile's eBay guide mentioned above, and check out some real Multicolore bags in person if you can so you can see what the real colors look like. Fakes almost never get the colors really right.
  8. The colors and the shape of the patern. It always looks off. Also the LV's are always the same colors : Black, Green, Fuschia on one line.
    Purple, mustard, mauve on another line .
    Blue, Dark blue and yellow green on the last one.
    If the colors don't go like that then you know.
  9. Why does it matter if the bag is real or not? If the bag makes your friend happy, then let it be.