can somebody report this?

  1. i have ordered from nm online and the receipts never look like that!
  2. exactly!

    i hate these people, $600 is a lot of money! and there r 4 days left, the bidding price will go even higher!
  3. That is the online receipt you get when you buy online. Chanel is never sold online so I don't even know how that can be. I know NM sold that vinyl Cabas in their catalog through phone order, but they give you their shipping receipt.
  4. the price should be $995.00 instead of $1230.00

    and you r right, NM never sell chanel online

    so please, someone report this to e-bay!
  5. You can catalog purchase Chanel online from NM and that looks like the final page receipt. But I thought the inside of that vinyl cabas was different?
  6. i thought the receipt looks WEIRD.. and why would she smudge out the hologram number? dodgy.:shrugs::weird:
  7. You cannot order Chanel from NM online like everyone has said. The NM receipt doesnt look right to me either. I even sent a Chanel request through their personal shopper the other day and they told me to call the Dallas store b/c they do not sell this online!
  8. the price on the "reciept" isnt even correct for the bag being shown.
  9. As posted above, the only way to order Chanel online through Neiman Marcus is by placing a catalog order.
  10. Exactly. I have a diamond stitch tote that I ordered right online last month through the catalog quick order, but in order to do this you must have all the catalog info. I would be happy to post the receipt for anyone who questions this.
  11. The NM reciept for catalog orders looks like this. This was for my DS small tote.
  12. How about dimensions? Is it correct? I thought the large one is 23 inches I wrong? If I'm wrong..can anybody tell me dimensions on large vinyl and xtra large vinyl shopper? Thanks!
  13. And look, all the pictures look like they have been cut out and edited from someone, now genuine pics of the bag they are selling...
  14. I cant believe its actually going to sell!! :cursing: The poor winner of the auction.. I feel so sad for her. :sad: