Can somebody post the link to...

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  1. one of the threads here a week or two weeks ago showing the fall Coach bags, including new Ergo pictures? I tried a search but it did not help. Hope someone bookmarked it. Thanks!
  2. Did you look on Coach's website? A lot of the new bags were released last week and are now on there.
  3. Nelly, thanks that's the title i was looking for, but the link did not work for me. It led me to the Purse Forum's homepage.
  4. I did but the newer Ergo colors weren't there. I seem to remember seeing something dark red or along those family of colors and not just in leather.
  5. There is a suede PW Ergo Hobo coming out. It's not available yet.
  6. Trying doing an advanced search for Catalog in the Coach forum and it will bring up the post that way.
  7. Okay, thanks Nelly, it worked!