Can somebody post a modeling picture of the MJ Irina Signature Quilted Tote please?

  1. I am thinking about getting a MJ irina signature quilted tote... I like big bags... even though I am not very in love with the marc jacobs wording on the front, i like the style...

    I am wondering if anybody has a modeling picture I can see?? I want to know how it look like on shoulder..

    I am not very thin, can the handle fit on my shoulder?

    Thank you soo much for your help!!!
    Here is the picture at Neiman Marcus
  2. Here you go! :smile:

  3. This is awesome.. THank you Melly so much!!
  4. I have always liked that bag. I like big bags, too. Of all the bags with the name spelled out on the front, that is my favorite style.
  5. I'm thinking about this bag too, is it too big for an everday bag?
  6. I like how the bag is, but it looks kinda big. What are the dimensions?
  7. ^Taken from the bloomies website 19"W x 11"H x 8"D; 6" drop
  8. Great gym bag. Fits everything nicely. mags
  9. I really hate to do this...because I love MJ and I love this line, but I had the quilted bowler from this line and raved and raved about it when I got it. Last weekend in Vegas, I was at Neimans to get my makeup done and set the bag on the counter. TWO of the gold rivets holding the bag's straps to the body of the bag SNAPPED off and the strap popped up and stood straight up in the air. I called my SA and returned it as soon as I got back into town. I LOVE this bag and the style, but I just don't know if I'd buy it again after what happened to me. I used the bag a total of 15 times in 2 months!!!

    That said, it could just be my bag had a problem...I haven't heard any other stories like this before and hope never to hear one! My future SIL has the bag you're asking about in white. It's great looking and fits over her shoulder no problem, even in a coat. It's also very convenient to get in and out of, due to the snap. Good luck!
  10. ^^Oh no! I can't believe that happened to you couturefemme! What a major bummer. :sad: I remember you talking about the bag previously. I think you should get another bag to make up for it. :p
  11. That sucks! I hope that they took care of the problem for you without a big hassle!
  12. couturefemme, Thank you for posting.. I am sorry that happened to you... I agree that you should get another bag to makeup for what happened... hehe..

    I can not wait for it to get here... Thanks for all the help ladies!!