Can somebody please tell me the type of leather on the Hermes Kelly 35

  1. Hi. Can somebody please tell me the type of the leather on the Hermes 35 Kelly on Jill's Consignment?????
  2. We will need a link to the site with the bag. Thanks!
  3. Looks like chevre. And that is one heck of a mark-up too.
  4. For close to $10K

  5. that looks like a chevre to me too.
  6. Thank you everyone! What should I expect to pay for this type?

  7. I just saw one the other week. It was a 32 and priced just around 7800.00. Don't quote's somewhere around there.
  8. I think retail now for a 35cm Kelly is near $7900.
  9. Thanks everyone! Is Chevre the best leather?

  10. It's only best if you like it. Some ppl likes box, some likes chevre, some likes swift. You really have to check it out for yourself.
  11. cutejack, please, what do you mean by best? Chevre is a great skin ( it's goatskin ) and a lot of people really like it.....but the other Hermes skins are very beautiful and desirable too.
  12. If I remember correctly a chevre 35cm Kelly will outprice a 35cm Birkin.
  13. If the hardware is still in plastic why is the lock missing?
  14. Thank you everyone! I talked to Jill yesterday. The bag would have to be taken to Hermes and they would either send it off to get a new lock or order a new lock for me. Either way I have to take the bag in or mail it in.